10.03.2020 r. Katarzyna Iwanich

Insightland with a new website reflecting a female approach to the business!

Insightland SEO Website

We want to announce the launch of our new website! It comes with a refreshed design and brand identity but also, what’s more important, with a clear statement about who we are and what we do! It explains Insightland’s shift towards a more female approach to the business and how supporting women in the SEO industry became our mission.

The new website is one of the elements of Insightland’s rebranding. It includes a modernized logo with an expressive cyan-coloured theme, the Insightland’s trademark, as well as our claim: “an SEO company powered by women”. All this serves to bring our clients closer to who we are and what is important to us. 

Supporting Women in the SEO Industry

The new website further emphasizes how we want to shape the SEO market. It tells the story of a company we started a few years ago with my business partner Irena Zobniów. It was founded as a part of Hexe Capital, the union of several companies providing services for business. Insightland is a place created on our own terms where we can do what we feel best at.

In the company, motivated by our story, we support women to try their hand at technical aspects of SEO and to cross their own borders. Breaking stereotypes about women in technological areas and business is starting point of our efforts at the foundation and education of the market. Both women and men must popularize the statement that technical competences, also in the SEO industry, are developed just like other skills – with motivation and hard work. Gender has nothing to do with this.

A Female Approach to Business

We believe in a female approach to business. As women ourselves, we understand other women’s needs and the challenges they face. We are happy to share our knowledge with clients to let them understand their female customers by delivering insightful ideas for SEO strategies and valuable content.

This is Just a Beginning

When we planned our own company a few years ago, we wanted to transform the experience and knowledge we have gained over 10 years into the company with principles and values that are close to us. Where people are connected with much more than just work. Now, we can admit that Insightland is a place that meets those plans.

Created by people with energy and passion not only in work terms. We know that this is just a beginning and there is still a lot ahead of us. Yet with the right people, challenges are a much more pleasant endeavour!

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