• 16.10.2019 r. Irena Zobniow

    Is Changing an SEO Agency Something I Should Be Afraid of?

    The dissolution of cooperation with the SEO agency you are currently working with often raises a lot of concerns. What can happen? Will the effects of SEO drop dramatically or perhaps nothing will happen? Will our website suddenly lose its backlinks? Contrary to appearances, these are not at all unjustified fears, because such situations may […]


  • 11.09.2019 r. Irena Zobniow

    Why Is It Worth Hiring an SEO Agency?

    Advantages of External SEO Support that You Didn’t Expect. Having an experienced SEO specialist in your team who will take care of your website in terms of its technical compatibility with Google or other search engines, and at the same time engaging in off-site SEO activities can be a big benefit. In many cases, however, […]


  • 28.08.2019 r. Irena Zobniow

    How to Build a Valuable Category Tree on a Webpage

    We can see menus, i.e. categories that make it easier for the user to navigate the site on practically every web page. However, not only users use the category structure, but also search engine bots. Building a valuable category tree that is user-friendly and search engine friendly requires appropriate preparation and planning. We should start […]


  • 02.08.2019 r. Irena Zobniow

    How to Outline a Successful SEO Strategy

    SEO strategy – a plan and trendy expression that everyone uses nowadays. And that is fine. Because every website needs some SEO strategy, no matter if it’s a new website, an already existing one, a huge e-commerce site or small local business. Everybody needs SEO while promoting services or products on the internet. And SEO […]


  • 12.07.2019 r. Irena Zobniow

    When Will SEO Actions Bring Effects?

    Estimating SEO effects is a difficult task and involves significant risk of error. These results are influenced by many factors, often independent of the SEO agency and only an experienced specialist is able to estimate how quickly a given SEO strategy can result in measurable results. When will SEO actions bring effects? This question, which […]


  • Successful SEO Customer Service

    Relationships with SEO customers can be difficult and challenging. We want to meet their expectations, we want our cooperation to run smoothly, but we cannot meet unrealistic needs. SEO services are long-lasting, which means that we cannot expect the first effects to take place immediately. Therefore, dialogue with the customer often becomes a daily obligation. […]


  • 12.06.2019 r. Irena Zobniow

    Choosing The Best SEO Services – What Should You Ask About?

    You have a number of SEO agencies to choose from but you’re not sure about certain things and don’t know what to ask about? What to do if one offer doesn’t list the elements the second one includes and the third one has them simply bulleted? As the saying goes – better to ask the […]


  • What Should You Know to Choose The Best SEO Services?

    Companies that look for professional SEO services usually send emails to several agencies at the same time. In this way, they can compare the offers, costs, possibilities, and market trends. Every offer includes the costs, scope of work, and also often an SEO strategy. Because of the enormous number of agencies and SEO techniques, comparing […]