• 11.06.2019 r. Irena Zobniow

    Technical SEO Audit – Don’t Promote Your Website Without It

    Your online competition never sleeps. Keep this always in mind. If you want to be on the top of the search engine results, pay attention to SEO. It’s best to start with the basics – an SEO audit. Why? Because even if you have built your website properly but haven’t paid much attention to SEO, […]


  • 16.07.2019 r. Irena Zobniow

    June 2019 Update on Statistics And Seasonality Trends

    We are starting a new series in which we will share our results and experience every month. It is not the figures themselves that are important here, but what they show, what we can deduce from them. What is important, we know how difficult business activities are in the context of seasonality, so we want […]


  • 12.07.2019 r. Irena Zobniow

    When Will SEO Actions Bring Effects?

    Estimating SEO effects is a difficult task and involves significant risk of error. These results are influenced by many factors, often independent of the SEO agency and only an experienced specialist is able to estimate how quickly a given SEO strategy can result in measurable results. When will SEO actions bring effects? This question, which […]


  • Successful SEO Customer Service

    Relationships with SEO customers can be difficult and challenging. We want to meet their expectations, we want our cooperation to run smoothly, but we cannot meet unrealistic needs. SEO services are long-lasting, which means that we cannot expect the first effects to take place immediately. Therefore, dialogue with the customer often becomes a daily obligation. […]


  • 12.06.2019 r. Irena Zobniow

    Choosing The Best SEO Services – What Should You Ask About?

    You have a number of SEO agencies to choose from but you’re not sure about certain things and don’t know what to ask about? What to do if one offer doesn’t list the elements the second one includes and the third one has them simply bulleted? As the saying goes – better to ask the […]


  • What Should You Know to Choose The Best SEO Services?

    Companies that look for professional SEO services usually send emails to several agencies at the same time. In this way, they can compare the offers, costs, possibilities, and market trends. Every offer includes the costs, scope of work, and also often an SEO strategy. Because of the enormous number of agencies and SEO techniques, comparing […]