E-commerce SEO case study

Wojas.pl: 67% sales increase in e‑store
from organic traffic

Wojas SA is a family business, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Nowadays, it is one of the largest footwear manufacturers in Poland. It owns a chain of 180 outlets in four countries, but also reinforces the market position of its European online stores.

With as many as 55% consumers buying footwear online at least once a year, the category ranks second in Poland in terms of popularity, just behind clothing [Gemius 2019]. The online channel is becoming the area of fierce competitive struggle for the industry brands.

How to stand out and be at the forefront of footwear searches in Google? Insightland Team has been supporting Wojas SA in enhancing its position in e-commerce since April 2019.

Challenges we faced in this project

  • 01. Increase the number of purchases in the online channel.
  • 02. Increase conversion rates from organic traffic.
  • 03. Website optimisation and visibility increase in search results for the keywords with the highest potential.

SEO activities

Results of Insightland activities

With the long-term cooperative efforts and a focus on quality results, the team has achieved the desired strategic objectives for the wojas.pl store. This is reflected in an increase in the purchases number as well as the number of sessions concluded with a transaction (both indicators refer to organic traffic).

Sale convention rate

As a result of SEO activities and their effectiveness’ in-depth analysis, marketing budgets have gradually started to migrate from paid channels to organic traffic.

We focus on the online channel development, which already accounts for more than 30% of our retail sales. We needed a SEO agency that would understand our needs and the peculiarities of the very competitive market in which we operate. The first technical audit findings already provided us with many valuable guidelines. The next months convinced us that we had chosen the right partner. The e-commerce key indicators, i.e. conversion rates and transaction numbers, recorded significant increases. Our standing in the Polish e-market is getting stronger, so we have decided to extend our cooperation with Insightland by two new markets: Czech and Slovak.

Michał Wojas

E-commerce Manager in WOJAS S.A.