Insightland’s Story

In 2018, we decided to start something on our own.

We wanted to create a place where we can do what we feel best at! We always felt that leading our own team and transferring knowledge is what we enjoy the most. This is how Insightland, an SEO company with qualified SEO experts on board, began. It was founded as a part of Hexe Capital, the union of several companies providing services for business.

We assumed from the start that we want to support women in the SEO industry. As women tend to be underestimated, especially in technical positions and in those which require technical knowledge, we wanted to change this. Women as managers and leaders are undervalued because they are considered delicate, empathic and non-assertive. Changing this became our mission, and we are still proving that female-owned businesses can thrive. Expert SEO services built by female experience!

In 2021, we decided to acquire Hexe Data, an analytics company.  

In our long-term business strategy, our focus on analytical aspects was a natural step in the Company’s development and a consequence of the increasingly sophisticated needs and expectations of our customers. This allows us to offer a more comprehensive range of support, with even deeper and more extensive analytics, insights and data-driven strategies. This represents a great value that enables our customers to plan their activities, expand their businesses and optimise their revenues even more effectively.

With this acquisition, we have expanded our team and service portfolio with advanced analytical competencies and opened us up to new markets and customers from around the world. But above all, it offered us the opportunity to get to know and understand women, their way of thinking, seeking information, making decisions, preferences and needs even more deeply and thoroughly. Women who, contrary to popular belief, rely heavily on hard data, expertise and logic and are an extremely important, influential, and often key player in the decision-making process, in many industries.

Katarzyna Iwanich, Co-Founder of Insightland

Katarzyna is an accomplished development executive. She brings more than 9 years of managerial experience gained in both B2B and B2C companies like Ringer Axel Springer, 4finance and Lemon Sky. As a Co-Founder of Insightland, she keeps quality and consistency in our services. Always prepared for high expectations and new challenges. Consistent in proving that female experts can succeed in the SEO industry and inspire bold actions in ​​e-commerce.

Privately, Katarzyna is an agent of change dealing with dog adoptions and local animal charity campaigns.

Irena Zobniów, Co-Founder of Insightland

Irena is an SEO expert, which brings more than 10 years of experience in creating and implementing SEO strategies and driving companies’ online success. She has cooperated with a wide variety of ecommerce and Fintech businesses but her greatest focus is on female-oriented companies and brands. As a Co-Founder of Insightland, she transforms her precision and attention to detail into projects that meet the needs of businesses. Always focused on the final result.

Privately, as a fitness trainer, she’s an advocate of hard work and pushing one’s own limits.

At Insightland we believe in working in accordance with our values. We feel a great need to be honest with each other. In our work, in the field of broadly understood consultant services, we are guided by the following values:

  • Transparency – you know what you can expect from us, how much time everything will take and what the terms of our cooperation are. SEO & ANALYTICS consulting should be transparent.
  • Flexibility – as women, we know that you need to adapt to the unexpected and we understand it perfectly so that you can count on our SEO marketing experts in any situation.
  • Quality – we are always going for the best SEO solution, and that is what you will get from working with us, nothing less.