By using state-of-the-art analytical methods, we can precisely determine which sources contribute to success (understood as a transaction) throughout the customer journey and to what extent. This allows our customers to make rational decisions with the least possible risk of error regarding the inclusion/exclusion/modification of specific channels or campaigns. They make decisions based on real ROAS or average CPS.

The attribution analysis process includes:

  • correct tagging of user interactions
  • correct tagging of advertising activities
  • data transfer to BigQuery
  • determination of converting customer journeys
  • assigning weights to sources that contributed to the transaction
  • determination of non-converting customer journeys

Key benefits of attribution analysis:

  • you can build a viable sales funnel
  • you can identify valuable traffic sources that generate transactions
  • you can precisely select communication channels optimizing the effectiveness of advertising budgets or find the answer as to which media are worth investing in