+ 200% Increase in Traffic Post-Website Migration: A Case Study of Collaboration with Paryskie Perfumy

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Website migration doesn’t have to mean a downturn! It’s an ideal opportunity for scaling your business, eliminating errors, improving website usability, and re-evaluating long-implemented solutions. A well-conducted migration can lead to increased visibility, traffic, and, most importantly, conversions. Discover our recipe for a successful migration, which played a significant role in the development of the paryskie.pl site!


Paryskie Perfumy is an online perfumery specializing in a wide range of fragrances. Their primary strength lies in producing high-quality alternatives to well-known perfume brands, ensuring durability and standards comparable to the original products. At the turn of 2022 and 2023, the client made two crucial decisions: first, to migrate from paryskie-perfumy.pl to paryskie.pl, and second, to collaborate with our company. Both proved to be successful.

After numerous discussions and understanding mutual needs, we prepared a strategy for the site’s migration. During this process, we set two key goals: short-term – restoring visibility pre-migration, and long-term – scaling the business in the area of organic traffic acquisition. Identifying these was possible thanks to recognizing three main challenges faced during the migration process.

Eliminating Technical Errors

An extensive, multi-stage technical analysis of the paryskie-perfumy.pl site revealed that its primary issue was an overly complex website structure. It included URLs of low user value with duplicated content. The errors affected the most critical areas of the store – categories and product pages. It was also user-unfriendly, resulting in an unsatisfactory conversion rate.

Increasing Efficiency

Migration isn’t always about revolution! At every stage, we review previously done work. This was no different for the paryskie-perfumy.pl site, which had well-written, substantive content. Unfortunately, it wasn’t optimized effectively, rendering its effectiveness minimal. This applied to category content, product pages, and blog articles.


At every stage of the migration process, it’s essential to consider the client’s business plans and specifics. For Paryskie Perfumy, this certainly means systematically increasing the store’s assortment and covering as many key phrases from the lower sales funnel stages as possible. Thus, we needed to prepare the site technically to enable website growth at relatively low costs.


The most critical point of the migration process is the task implementation phase. Good project management on both sides allowed for timely strategy adjustments, and active involvement in the process yielded tangible benefits. Ultimately, our actions included:

Technical Solutions:

  • 01. Conducted a comprehensive keyword analysis, which helped us organize the site structure, improving navigation for both users and search engine bots.
  • 02. Recommended a list of URL redirects, considering the intent of each page and effective transfer of the power of previously acquired external links.
  • 03. Verified server logs to identify irregularities, particularly important in the context of HTTP 500 errors. This allowed us to locate and eliminate the sources of such errors.
  • 04. Configured canonical tags to avoid content duplication issues and improved the indexing process for pages based on query parameters.
  • 05. Implemented internal linking based on thematic clusters.

We established the actions and their sequence based on both our schedule and the implementation schedule of the corrections. Close collaboration with the client translated into the visible effects mentioned above.

Content Solutions:

  • 01. Optimized previously prepared blog articles and implemented a thematic silo concept for the blog..
  • 02. Created unique and substantive category descriptions that matched the site’s expanded structure..
  • 03. Ensured engaging meta-data preparation, improving phrase positions and increasing the Click-Through Rate (CTR)..
  • 04. Implemented navigation-friendly solutions within the blog, supporting positioning, including a table of contents, related article module, cross-selling module, and tags.

Effects of Insightland Team’s Actions

Nothing is more satisfying than achieving set goals! Within 11 months of starting our collaboration, we managed to:

✅ significantly increase the brand’s reach and recognition;
✅ acquire high-quality traffic;
✅ boost profits from the organic channel.

TOP 10

The paryskie.pl domain not only regained its pre-migration visibility but also saw significant growth! The growth rate is impressive and applies to both sales and informational phrases. In such a competitive industry, overtaking brands like Rossman, Douglas, or Sephora is considered a major success.

In November, we hold top positions for phrases like:

Growth in Organic Sessions

The number of organic sessions increased by 200% compared to the previous year. The most pleasing aspect is the correlation between traffic growth and sales, which also saw significant progress. Organic traffic complements paid traffic well, leading the entire site to record-breaking session numbers and revenue.

Recipe for Success: Strategy, Collaboration, Process

Fear of the migration process is understandable! However, it doesn’t mean we should avoid it like the plague. Often, migration opens doors for website development, offering a fresh start and an opportunity to multiply profits. To achieve this, we must understand that migration involves strategy, cooperation, and process.


The website migration strategy should align with the business strategy and development plans. Migration is a means to a clearly defined end, so a holistic view of the site is crucial. All elements should be coherent and complementary to avoid future costs associated with site redevelopment.


Success is impossible without collaboration. Specialists are SEO experts, but the client is the expert in their industry. Mutual trust, a partnership approach, regular status meetings, and transparent communication are key. Understanding each other’s needs and limitations, such as in the technical sphere, is essential. We wish every SEO professional a partner like the Paryskie Perfumy team!


Website migration is more than just a sequence of technical actions. It’s a dynamic process requiring flexibility, readiness for continuous improvement, and response to unforeseen challenges. Quick adaptation and the introduction of necessary changes, even after the main stages, are crucial.

If you’re looking for trusted partners to carry out a migration process, we encourage you to contact us.