How Indexing – Pages in GSC Helped Achieve a 443% Increase in Top 3 Keyword Phrases

Content duplication is a significant issue that greatly impacts the effectiveness and online visibility of a website.Understanding and addressing repeated URLs is essential in a world where high Google search rankings are crucial for success. This was the case for the HEGO’S brand, which struggled with URL and content duplication. Check out our case study that explains how content duplication affects SEO and user experience.


As part of our cooperation with HEGO’S, a renowned footwear brand operating in the Polish market since 2003, we conducted a detailed audit of the website. This analysis revealed significant issues related to URL and content duplication, negatively affecting the site’s visibility in search engines. In response, we prioritized blocking Googlebot access to non-valuable pages and managing crawl budget. Additionally, we focused on increasing organic traffic and optimizing the site’s usability to maximize its potential and improve accessibility for indexing robots and users.

The first actions we took included a thorough analysis of indexing, which detected errors related to repeating product filters due to the complex structure of the site. Due to the site’s construction and incomplete technical documentation, close cooperation with developers was necessary, supported by solutions based on:

  • 01. PHP.
  • 02. JavaScript.
  • 03. The application of .htaccess rules and regular expressions (Regular Expressions).

These issues significantly impacted two key areas:

These challenges led to the generation of 2 million site issue notifications in Google Search Console.

Technical Actions

The solutions implemented for optimizing the site included several essential actions to improve management, structure, and functionality. Below are the detailed changes we introduced:

Results of Insightland Team’s Efforts

Applying innovative strategies, effective collaboration between technical and content teams, and close coordination with the brand resulted in a significant increase in page indexing. Successfully excluding irrelevant pages from Googlebot indexing positively influenced Google’s site assessment, improving its positioning in search results. Additionally, improved site navigation significantly increased user engagement and satisfaction.


All these steps are excellent proof of how focused work can lead to significant growth for a brand. Attention to detail and a holistic approach to the problem can effectively translate into success in the dynamically changing SEO industry.