Content marketing

We offer unique SEO-optimized content written by copywriters with different specializations and interests. Each content assignment is preceded by a detailed research of a given industry and area, as well as a needs analysis of the user to whom the content is addressed. We create content for:

  • websites,
  • blogs,
  • category pages in online stores,
  • product pages in online shops,
  • microsites,
  • sales landing pages,
  • articles for external publications.

All our content is optimized for different types of key phrases:


with a high search volume

long tail

with a lower search volume but a better match to the user query


reaching serarch peaks in a specific time


regarding a specific country, city, district or street

question keywords

used most frequently in a local context or in a voice search

Our copywriters cooperate closely with our SEO team to keep them up to date with any changes in Google’s and other search engines’ algorithms concerning content.