Development of management analytical dashboards

Each of our proprietary and customized management analytical dashboards is created based on a detailed analysis of our customers’ needs.

In a clear and legible form, they present results at any level of granularity, according to any defined time ranges, which enables capturing and analyzing both short- and long-term trends.  

The analytics cover and support key areas of your business:

  • marketing
  • sales / e-commerce
  • finance

By aggregating and crossing data coming from various internal systems – CRM, campaign system, Google Analytics – in BigQuery, we can prepare reports for senior managers that present sales, financial or marketing data. On the other hand, we present detailed data showing how users behave on the website, the effectiveness of particular sources, or the outcome of tests carried out on the website. [1] [2] [3]

The dashboard development process includes the following steps:

  1. Audit of the analytical environment and correctness of data collection in Google Analytics
  2. Identification of customer needs regarding the scope of data to be reported
  3. Preparation of data environment (in case of data originating from different systems)
  4. Development of dashboards
  5. Ongoing monitoring of data collection accuracy, with attention to anomalies
  6. Ongoing monitoring of results