Google Analytics 4 implementation

Our implementation includes the following:

  • Implementation of Google Analytics 4
  • Implementation of Google Tag Manager Server Side
  • Integration with Google Big Query
  • Integration with Google Ads and Google Search Console
  • Report template in Looker Studio

Implementation effect:

  • Full implementation of the Google Analytics 4 system with Looker Studio reports describing campaign and e-commerce data.
  • Implementation based on server-side cookies (preparation for cookie-less reality).
  • Complete Google Cloud Platform hosting with the BigQuery database containing all analytical data (the basis for building and developing the analytical database).

Business benefit:

  • Complete outsourcing of analytical services along with DevOps services.
  • A complete, correct and verified data source to support business decisions and actions
  • Maintaining data continuity.

Implementation stages:

  • Signing of a mutual NDA.
  • Online workshop on current analytics, its strengths and weaknesses, and (current) future analytics needs.
  • Preparation of Google Analytics accounts, Google Tag Manager.
  • Prepare your Google Cloud Platform account.
  • Preparation of the implementation plan.
  • Presentation of the plan and discussion.
  • Implementation of Google Analytics 4 tags via Google Tag Manager in the Server Side option.
  • Google Big Query implementation.
  • Google Analytics 4 production launch.
  • Implementation of reports in Looker Studio.