SEO analytics

We offer advanced analysis of the website traffic that allows you to use the necessary data in the entire process of providing SEO services. Starting from the analysis of conversions from various traffic sources, thanks to which we can determine the best conversion paths, landing pages or important pages, through the analysis of historical results allowing the subject matter of activities in the following months to be determined, ending with the analysis of correlations between SEO and PPC traffic.
The SEO technical analysis includes the following issues:

  • historical data analysis,
  • analysis of current results of organic traffic,
  • conversion analysis versus traffic source,
  • correlation analysis of SEO and PPC traffic.

Behavior analyses are performed using such tools as Google Analytics or HotJar. To ensure that these tools show correct data, we help you to implement them in an optimal way, also using Google Tag Manager.

In addition, we can prepare dedicated interactive managerial dashboards for you, presenting the most important indicators related to the traffic and activity of Internet users on the site.