Technical SEO

We offer an in-depth technical analysis of websites for correctness in relation to search engine guidelines. We diagnose errors and potential risks associated with the optimal use of technical solutions on websites that may have a negative impact on SEO effects. Based on this, we create detailed SEO recommendations for implementation together with ready-made solution proposals. The SEO technical analysis includes the following areas:

  • redirects and canonical analysis,
  • page speed optimization,
  • crawlability and accessibility verification,
  • metadata implementation,
  • other technical errors detection.

We use crawling tools during the technical SEO analysis of a given website, however, most of the work is done manually. As a result, all the recommendations are developed taking the business aspects and individual specificity of a given website into account.

SEO recommendations concerning the elimination of diagnosed errors or suggestions for other technical improvements are presented in the form of detailed guidelines, so you do not have to look for solutions to a given problem on your own.