+450% increase in non-branded organic traffic. The transformation of the DeeZee brand blog


Are you wondering how to stand out and capture users’ attention in a competitive industry like fashion? We’ve discovered a method for the brand DeeZee, a leader in e-commerce for footwear and clothing. In the fashion sector, where innovation and trend prediction are crucial, we focused on deploying the most advanced SEO and e-commerce practices. Our approach was tailored to user needs and preferences. Explore our case study to learn how we achieved significant growth.


A blog is a source of immense potential – so why not leverage it? For a brand aiming for success, blogging is essential. Faced with the challenge of increasing low non-branded organic traffic on the DeeZee brand blog, we pondered how to draw users’ attention. Here are the steps we took:

  • 01. We performed an in-depth optimization of the content;
  • 02. We implemented advanced SEO strategies to enhance search engine visibility;;
  • 03. We utilized innovative content marketing techniques to better engage users.

Our objective was not just to increase blog traffic quantitatively but also qualitatively. We aimed to create a space where readers can resolve their doubts, find inspiration, and explore various products and styles, as well as receive practical advice and tips. How did we achieve this?

The key was a personalized strategy based on user preferences and search behaviors. We concentrated our efforts on capturing keyphrases of a guide nature for which the DeeZee brand had not been previously visible in Google search results. We created articles tailored to specific user queries, focusing on topics directly related to footwear and its styling. Furthermore, the content was thematically linked to events from the fashion industry marketing calendar, allowing for better alignment with current trends and market needs. As a result, we managed to create content that added value for both readers and the brand.

In the challenging fashion industry, where competition is high and customer expectations constantly evolve, effective and close cooperation with the Insightland team, which demonstrates not only technical knowledge but also an understanding of our industry’s specifics and the ability to engage our audience in a unique and inspiring way, has proven to be the key to our success.


Insightland focuses not only on in-depth data analysis and technical aspects of optimization, but also puts our brand audience at the center of their efforts. Their approach to personalizing SEO content and inspiring users through trends, tips and interactive forms of content can be seen in the great results, but also builds an increasingly strong bond with our client community.

Paweł Grzebyk



Each of the following steps aimed not only to attract more readers but also to convert their interest into tangible profits. Moreover, by building industry expertise and expanding the number of key phrases and thematic silos, the brand became better perceived by search engine algorithms.

Content optimization

We conducted a comprehensive content analysis, identifying keywords and topics of greatest interest to our target audience. We applied a thematic silos strategy, organizing content and improving its structure. Then, we focused on creating content aligned with current trends and seasonality to attract and engage audiences.

Cross-selling section

We introduced a cross-selling section where products related to the article’s themes were promoted. This direct conversion of content interest into sales transactions increased the blog’s profitability.

Expert image building

We focused on building the client’s image as an expert in the footwear industry. Through the publication of substantive content, the DeeZee brand gained credibility and greater visibility among consumers.

Long-tail phrases

We optimized content for long-tail phrases, attracting more targeted search engine traffic.

PR and advertising link building

We executed link-building campaigns that included publishing external articles, posts, and press releases, thereby supporting the blog section. All publications had a promotional and advertising character, focusing on the DeeZee brand and detailing its offerings.

Internal linking Expansion

We improved the accessibility of newly created pages through better internal linking, associating similar categories with blog articles built on thematic silos.

Results of Insightland Team’s efforts

Well-planned and consistently executed marketing actions transformed the blog from a passive platform into an active tool, ranking for numerous non-branded phrases. A major accomplishment is the creation of content based on keyword intent, with 66% of it maintaining positions in the TOP 3.

✅ +450% increase in non-branded organic traffic (click numbers) on the blog, which directly led to higher audience engagement and increased blog visits.

– – October – December 2023
—- October – December 2022

✅ The blog transitioned from an informational tool to a significant profit source, thanks to effective utilization of cross-selling sections and content optimization for conversion.

✅ Enhanced visibility due to an improved SEO strategy.

An increase in the number of new visitors to the blog, coming from non-brad organic traffic:

An increase in the number of blog sessions coming from non-brand organic traffic:

A consistently implemented content strategy is an effective way to support conversions. Moreover, publishing blog articles can translate into tangible benefits for the business, including:

✅ enhancing the brand’s image;
✅ building expertise in the eyes of users and the algorithm itself;
✅ strengthening trust.