E-commerce SEO case study

Medicine – online sales from
organic traffic up 200%!

Medicine is a Polish clothing brand with an 8-year presence on the market. It was established by BrandBQ in 2013 and has been growing robustly ever since. It has 95 showrooms in Poland, 23 showrooms abroad and an online sales platform wearmedicine.com. Medicine collections are created by talented Polish designers and well-known artists. The brand focuses on unique, limited collections and a creative approach to fashion. It is a brand that manifests independence, and is famous for its unconventional prints. Medicine has consistently won over new customers and the e-commerce clothing market with its creative designs and openness to culture and art.

The fight for the cyber-customer in an extremely competitive and crowded fashion sector requires an increasingly hard work and a strategic, long-term, well-thought-out approach.

How to drive online sales of a Polish fashion brand based on SEO activities? Is it possible to boost sales in the fashion sector by several hundred percent? Does organic traffic-based e-commerce mark the future in the post-pandemic business models of major retail tenants?

By supporting the Medicine brand in its e-commerce activities since February 2020, the Insightland team has proven that it is possible.

the fashion industry in Poland and the purchasing tendencies of Poles


Providing support for the Medicine brand in the SEO area as a follow-up to the e-commerce strategy implemented earlier by the Client. Reversing the downward trend of key brand metrics generated by organic traffic.

  • 01. Increase in online sales
  • 02. Increase in conversions from organic traffic
  • 03. Increase in the Average Order Value
  • 04. Optimising the website and increasing its visibility in search results for keywords with the highest potential.

Implemented SEO activities

The entire strategy, activities planned and implemented, as well as communication were differentiated and personalised based, among other things, on the gender of the customers and significant differences in their paths to purchase, preferences and ways of searching for information, while placing a strong emphasis on the female target, as it is strongly over-represented in the target group.

  • Detailed audit and analysis of findings: February 2020 – determination of the condition of the e-commerce website, identification of areas for improvement, assessment of the potential to reach top positions in search results. Analysis of the wearmedicine.com website structure, traffic sources and keywords that generate this traffic.
  • Content and technical optimisation of the website: March 2020 – the work included development of a new content structure saturated with appropriately selected key phrases as well as identification and elimination of technical areas that were causing problems in terms of SEO within the wearmedicine.com website.
  • Link building campaign – over the following months, the team consistently worked on building a diverse and valuable link profile for the domain by acquiring positioning links from sources that are credible and substantively attractive to the customers of the store.

We have been measuring and reporting the first performance indicators for our measures since Q2 2020, i.e. after completion of the audit and necessary optimisation of the website, as well as after the launch of content-related activities.

Results of Insightland’s efforts

The long-term SEO strategy developed and consistently implemented by Insightland specialists for the Medicine brand, resulted, within the very first months, in spectacular increases in organic traffic in the online channel, far beyond expectations.

Rapid developments on the market force the entire e-commerce sector to choose the most optimal sales strategies and select appropriate channels and tools for communication. An effectively pursued SEO strategy based on in-depth data analysis, target group segmentation and personalisation of communication is a good decision and a forward-looking investment that has yielded tangible results faster than we had anticipated.

Maciej Stępień

E-commerce Coordinator

Increases in key e-commerce metrics generated by organic traffic

Increases in key e-commerce metrics generated by organic traffic

Increase in the number of sessions originating from organic traffic:

  • +48% Q2 2020 vs Q2 2019;
  • +70% Q3 2020 vs Q3 2019;
  • +50% Q4 2020 vs Q4 2019.
  • +55% 2020 vs 2019

Increase in the number of transactions originating from organic traffic:

  • +68% Q2 2020 vs Q2 2019;
  • 105% Q3 2020 vs Q3 2019
  • +217% Q4 2020 vs Q4 2019
  • +123% 2020 vs 2019

Increase in sales (generated from organic sources only):

  • +138% Q2 2020 vs Q2 2019;
  • +199% Q3 2020 vs Q3 2019
  • +280% Q4 2020 vs Q4 2019
  • +206% 2020 vs 2019
number of keywords

This is a particularly interesting and, above all, highly effective project that proves with figures that a gender-personalised communication strategy delivers above-average results. Understanding the specifics and diversity of the female and male market segments, preferences, behaviours, needs, manner of searching for information and the logic of the purchasing process proves to be of key importance

Katarzyna Iwanich

CEO Insightland