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July 2019 Update on Statistics and Seasonality Trends. How to Make the Best Use of them So Your Business Thrives.

july 2019 update on statistics and seasonality trends

Let’s take a look at the second part of our statistics update and July seasonality trends! Apart from the stats, we would like to share our insights and tips with you. As you know SEO effects are never stable, because there are many factors that influence them. We need to continuously work to achieve better results. That is why some worse results may occur and we are not afraid to share them! We treat them as the motivation to further work! Of course, we are always happy when we can see that some numbers have increased as well!

We will present some insights on seasonality trends as well and what you can do to optimize your website better according to them!

Without any further ado, let’s see our July statistics and seasonality trends!


July 2019 Statistics Update


Traffic and Users

In July, we managed to generate 941,900 organic sessions for our clients and acquire 486,441 users. As you can see, we gathered more traffic and won more users than a month ago (829,554 organic sessions, 436,702 users). You can compare our results in June’s update!


Bounce Rate

The average bounce rate is 27.38%. It is a bit more than in June when it was 23.84%. One of our clients obtained the lowest bounce rate and it was 1.1%. The client’s service offers interesting seasonal content that is now at the top peak of interests.


Avg. Session Duration

In July, the average time spent on our clients’ websites was 3:53 minutes. This is a bit less than in the last month, however, this metric is still the same for our e-commerce clients. The change is due to a new client with whom we have just started cooperating.


Pages per Session

In July, the average number of pages per session was 5.17. So this was a bit smaller than in July. We have recorded higher-than-average rates by e-commerce websites, especially those offering seasonal products. Which naturally generates not only higher traffic at this time of year but also more qualitative visits.


July Seasonality Trends

July is the peak of the holiday season. For some companies, this means a large increase in interest in customers’ products or services, for others – a very slow season. Take a look at July seasonality trends!


Current Trends

student health insurance seasonality search trends

summer clearance sale seasonality search trends

tomato recipes seasonality search trends

In August, increased traffic will be felt by, among others, those who offer health insurance for students (due to the beginning of the academic year), as well as an e-commerce offering summer sales. Culinary service owners will certainly notice a great interest in recipes related to tomatoes, for which the season is now underway!


Pro Tips For Vacation Businesses

  1. Analyze the statistics of visits to your website carefully. Compare them with the same period last year. Check, remember the statistics from the second half of last year to draw conclusions based on them and better prepare for this year’s IV Q.
  2. Check the technical condition of your website: page speed, any errors in Google Search Console. You should do this kind of activity regularly, at least once a month, but if you haven’t already done so, it’s about time!


Upcoming Trends Soon

seasonal job seasonality trends

halloween costume ideas, seasonality search trends

black friday, seasonality search trends

If you are the owner of a website publishing job offers in the USA, now get ready for the increased demand for seasonal work in the months between September and November. Now is also the last moment to prepare your website, especially e-commerce, for the boom on the occasion of two events: Halloween and Black Friday.


Pro Tips For Your Business

  1. Take advantage of the potential of Halloween and Black Friday, which are currently popular almost all over the world. Regardless of whether you offer products or services, you can promote them on this day. You can create a dedicated landing optimized for phrases such as “Halloween discount”, “Halloween deals”, “Black Friday discount”, “Black Friday 2019”, “Best Black Friday Deals”.
  2. Get ready for Halloween. If you offer non-Halloween services, don’t be afraid to use the context of this holiday and one-day promotion to increase your visibility and sell your services. For example, if you have an e-commerce website selling shoes, you may think about creating a landing optimized for “Halloween costumes”, “Best Halloween Party Shoes,” etc. Be creative and don’t be afraid to test! Halloween tests are the best time before the most lucrative period in online sales – Black Friday!
  3. Consider working with bloggers to promote your content, fall offer or Halloween promotion. You can organize a competition for readers with them, in which you will sponsor a prize or prepare valuable, unique guide content that will be of interest to blog readers and will be a source of valuable information for you.
  4. Analyze your competitors’ online activities and see what else you can do for your website to make it more competitive. Check what content other websites publish, where they get links from. You can do it with the help of tools such as:  Ahrefs, Majestic SEO or in the free version of SEMrush – after registration.
  5. Although it may seem too early for you, August is a good time to start thinking about Christmas. Especially in the context of Black Friday sales, when many users start buying presents for loved ones. Plan content dedicated to the holidays now. For example in the form of guide articles or dedicated landing pages, on which you will present your Christmas offer. Don’t forget to optimize the content for key phrases, e.g. “Xmas gifts”, “Christmas gift ideas”, “best Christmas gifts”, “best Christmas gifts for children”, “best Christmas gifts for her”, etc.

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Prepare Your Website in terms of Seasonality

If we want to achieve satisfactory SEO effects in the form of growing organic traffic, it is worth preparing in advance for events that can have a positive impact on our business, products and services offered. SEO needs time, but if we approach it with patience and meticulousness, success will come at the right time. We hope that our short tips and tricks will be an inspiration and motivation for you to better prepare your website in terms of seasonality.