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The Most Common Misconceptions About Working in SEO!

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SEO – What We Do and What Others Think We Do?

As SEO is still a relevantly new industry, not everyone understands how it works and what SEO jobs look like on a daily basis. Let’s face these stereotypes and misconceptions together and refute all the SEO myths!


SEO – What Is It in Fact?


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and when you know what a search engine is, you probably understand what SEO experts do. If you do not associate search engine with Google, Yahoo or Seznam, then you can have trouble comprehending what SEO work is. We have encountered many various misconceptions regarding our SEO work, so let’s laugh at them together!

I work as an SEO specialist.

What company are you the CEO of?

seo ceo


Expectations & Misconceptions about Working in SEO

Then there are different expectations that come with the job – what our family and friends think we do, what we think we do and what we really do. We have asked our friend not related to SEO or the digital marketing industry, and he said that SEO is website optimization so it ranks higher. Well, this is partially true, so we are partially satisfied. 😉


seo what i do

Yeah, there are many different misconceptions about our SEO work… 😉

We actually asked our moms what we do, and their answers were stunning! They think that:

  • We do something on the internet
  • We advertise companies on the internet
  • Something on the internet, but she was not sure what.

seo marketing misconceptions


What Does an SEO Specialist Do?

As there are many different SEO aspects this can vary a bit. 😉

seo specialist - what people think i do

When we asked our other family members what we do as SEO specialists, their answers were:

  • You look after websites so more people can visit them (our SEO specialist’s sister)
  • I don’t know, marketing, content, ads, something like that (our SEO specialist’s aunt)
  • Something on the internet (our SEO specialist’s friend)
  • You take care of improving statistics (our SEO specialist’s other friend).


What Does SEO Analyst Do?

seo analyst - misconceptions about the work

And what does our analyst do? According to his relatives and friends, he:

  • Makes ads, I saw several of them (daughter)
  • Calculates some metrics, makes charts, makes sure that the clients are happy (wife)
  • Optimizes a card’s conversion, checks the quality of the traffic per channel, reports quantity and quality metrics (friend from the industry).

seo consultant


What Does a Typical Day of an SEO Copywriter Look Like?

seo copywriter

What people think our SEO copywriter does? Let’s see!

  • “A copywriter sits in a comfortable chair in front of their laptop and writes, writes, writes. But in order to write something wise and meaningful, they must first find the right information in virtual reality, verify it and write it as if they know everything about the subject” (our SEO copywriters mom)
  • “Checks copyrights to articles” (friend)
  • “You correct the commas and spelling in articles and books” (another friend).

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What Our Clients Think We Do as SEO Experts?

We also encounter some misunderstandings about our work with our clients… 😉

seo-what-google-thinks-i-do-what-society-thinks-i do

Sometimes this is really surprising…

seo - ranked by tomorrow

Unfortunately, there are also many misconceptions regarding the price of SEO work…

100$ for seo - misconceptions about seo work

Or with tight deadlines that are impossible to meet 😉

seo meme - make us #1 on google over the weekend


SEO – the Great Sea of the Unknown

As you can see, for an average man on the street, SEO is not very obvious. But we are always happy to show what SEO work looks like, and what we do on a daily basis! That is why we always explain what we do to our clients, what we start our SEO work for them. We describe why technical SEO audits are important, what they will see in the SEO reports we send them monthly. This is difficult sometimes, but the more everyone knows, the easier the cooperation is!