19.06.2020 r. Irena Zobniow

9 Ideas on Where to Draw Inspiration for a Blog Content

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A blog is an excellent tool for sharing some industry-related knowledge, inspiration or even trivia. From the SEO point of view, this is a way to increase organic traffic on the site and thus improve visibility in the search engine. A blog should above all meet the needs of users who would come across it – make them interested and intrigued, encourage them to explore its content and return to it. Today, I would like to share with you ideas for a blog content that will help you never run out of inspiration to create valuable and up-to-date articles.

Keyword analysis in tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest or KWfinder let you find areas in a given topic that you may not have written on your blog so far. If you use these tools for this, you can also find out in which months the phrase is most popular. Thanks to this, you will be able to plan the content release ahead.

Let’s use an example. Imagine you’ve already had a series of articles about dresses on your fashion blog. You’ve already described the fashionable cuts for this season, you’ve spiced it with attractive photos, you’ve devoted several posts to evening, summer and autumn dresses, and you‘ve exhausted all ideas on what to write about. How can you expand this area on your blog? 

I will use the KWfinder tool to show you some inspirations:

  1. The combination of the main phrase and the color

You can create a series of articles dedicated to individual colors of dresses which are statistically very popular in searches.

  1. Combining the main phrase with a style

By analyzing key phrases, you can find several keyword suggestions for specific styles. It’s a great inspiration to create an article or several articles on this topic.

Keyword analysis can provide you with many ideas for content. It is worth using it based on different word variants that can be connected with our area.

2. Get Use of Google Autocomplete Feature

Personally, I often use this tool and I think that it can provide a lot of inspiration for content that will be interesting to the reader. Google Autocomplete is very easy to use and certainly everyone, even unknowingly, has done it many times.

Just enter a phrase in Google search, such as “Dresses” and after pressing the space you will see a list of suggestions based on most frequent queries of other users.

This way, you can find new ideas for content on your blog that you have not paid attention to so far and which apparently may be of interest to the user.

3. Follow Google Trends

Another Google feature allows you to track search trends, which can be a great inspiration to create blog content that matches current interests of the audience. In Google Trends, you can enter the phrase, location, time range you are interested in, and then choose from the list the best-matching category and, optionally,the type of search to get a trend graph for a given query:

A useful element of Google Trends is the “Related queries” section which can provide us with interesting inspiration for content. In the case of the phrase “dress” we get the following result:

Thanks to that, we can create an article in which we describe the dresses of celebrities or the film characters – because the tool suggested that such content may be of interest to the recipient at the moment.

4. Find Topic Areas in Answerthepublic

This is one of my favorite free tools for inspiring content blogging. Answerthepublic serves us a full set of key phrases related to a specific query, based on all possible user searches. This is a true treasury of blog topics and a great help in optimizing our content for long tail phrases.

5. Analyze Competitors

Tracking content on competitors’ websites can be an interesting source of inspiration for our blog articles. Of course, the point is not to copy content published on other websites, but to look for themes that we can explore in more detail on our blog. 

You can get additional ideas from the users’ comments under the articles – such as their questions to which our competitors didn’t answer.

6. Search in Forums and Social Groups

Internet forums and groups on Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels are a great source of blog topics. Users actively share tips and tricks with each other, comment on current trends and also look for inspirations eg. from the fashion industry.

As you can see, forum users can be a great inspiration for us to create content that we haven’t explored on our blog so far, and which may turn out to be an important topic to a certain audience.

7. Check Ahrefs’ Content Explorer

If you have a subscription to Ahrefs, you can use it to search for new ideas for content. Just go to the “Content explorer” tab and enter the topic of interest in the field. As a result, we will get a list of pages that have gained popularity in a given topic over the past months, weeks or even days, so we can easily trace what kind of content and in what form is presented.

8. Get Inspired by Questions of Clients and Users

This type of inspiration will work when we stay in touch with users or clients in our business. An analysis of what they are asking about and what problems they want us to address can be an interesting material for content. I will use an example. We run an online store with dresses and a significant number of our customers have a problem with choosing the right size, which results in a large number of returns and messages from customers who are not satisfied with the purchase. Is this not an idea for a blog article in which we will explain in detail how to adjust the size of the dress to the figure to make sure that it will fit perfectly? This way, we can approach every problem of our client and, essentially, kill two birds with one stone: on the one hand, create an interesting blog article, and on the other – be equipped with answers to any customer questions.

9. Value your Fellows

Collaborators, family, friends – they can all be a great source of inspiring ideas for blog content.

Maybe they have questions or thoughts about your industry? Maybe they are up to date with some events or facts that can influence you? Maybe they see something that you, deeply immersed in the subject and the industry, no longer see? 

They can inspire you to create a comparison of the best products from the category you are writing about. Or they will have some insights that are worth sharing. A blog inspired by people, their problems and behavior gains a more natural and authentic touch.

So look around and talk to those who are close to you.

A blog that Stands out From the Competition

As you can see, there can be numerous sources for blog topics. It would be perfect for each article to be an element of the content strategy that responds to the needs of the readers. At the same time, articles are a way to make your company stand out in your industry – originality and freshness of the content topics is very important here.

Thanks to the tools and suggestions I have shared with you, inventing it will be a pleasure. If you still need some SEO insights and ideas for your blog, we will be happy to assist you with this.