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Editorial Link

What is Editorial Link?

An editorial link is a type of hyperlink placed within content, such as articles, blog posts, or news pieces, that is naturally given by a website’s editor or content creator. Unlike paid or sponsored links, an editorial link is not obtained through compensation, advertisements, or mutual agreements between the linking and linked websites. Instead, it is provided solely based on the link’s relevance, value, and the editorial judgment of the content creator, reflecting an endorsement of the quality and relevance of the linked content.

Why is Editorial Link important?

Content Marketing: A digital marketing agency publishes a comprehensive guide on SEO best practices. An industry-leading blog finds this guide valuable and links to it within their own article discussing SEO trends, providing an editorial link to the guide.

News Reporting: A major news outlet covers a groundbreaking technology developed by a startup. The article includes an editorial link to the startup’s website, where readers can learn more about the technology directly from the source.

Academic Research: An educational blog writes a post summarizing recent findings in cognitive psychology, including editorial links to the original research articles published in peer-reviewed journals.

How does Editorial Link work?

Editorial links work by being naturally included in content as a result of the content creator’s or editor’s decision, based on the value, relevance, and quality of the linked content. They are not paid for or reciprocally agreed upon, but are given freely to enhance the reader’s experience and provide additional information. When a website receives an editorial link, it benefits from increased credibility and potential traffic from the linking site, as well as improved search engine rankings due to the perceived endorsement and relevance. This process underscores the importance of creating high-quality, informative content that others in the industry find worth referencing. Ultimately, editorial links serve as a signal of trust and authority to both users and search engines.

Good to know about Editorial Link

Over-Optimization: While editorial links are highly beneficial, aggressively pursuing them with over-optimized anchor text can appear manipulative to search engines, potentially leading to penalty.

Relevance and Quality: An editorial link from a site that is not relevant to your niche or from a low-quality source can do more harm than good, potentially impacting your site’s credibility and search engine rankings.

Neglecting Content Quality: Focusing solely on obtaining editorial links without investing in the quality of your own content can result in a poor return on investment. High-quality, valuable content is essential for earning editorial links naturally.