05.06.2024 r. Insight Land

RON (Run-of-Network)

What is RON?

Run-of-Network (RON) is an online advertising term that refers to a strategy where advertisers distribute their ads across an entire network of websites, rather than targeting specific sites. RON campaigns involve placing ads across various websites managed by a single advertising network, often without explicitly selecting the placement sites. The idea is to maximize exposure by reaching a broad audience at a relatively low cost per impression. RON campaigns can include different ad formats like display banners, native ads, or video ads, making them a versatile option for advertisers looking to increase brand awareness and traffic.

Why is RON important?

RON campaigns are particularly valuable for advertisers seeking broad exposure with minimal targeting constraints. Their main advantage lies in cost-effectiveness, as CPM (cost per thousand impressions) rates for RON campaigns tend to be lower than for site-specific placements. This makes RON ideal for branding purposes, reaching new markets, and increasing overall visibility. By tapping into a diverse range of websites within the network, advertisers can reach audiences across various demographics, potentially uncovering new segments. Furthermore, RON campaigns often lead to improved campaign performance due to increased impression volume and frequency.

How does RON work?

The operation of a RON campaign involves several steps. First, the advertiser collaborates with an advertising network to define the campaign’s parameters, including budget, ad formats, and preferred audience characteristics. The network’s algorithm then allocates the ads across various sites in its inventory, ensuring maximum exposure while maintaining the campaign’s overall targeting criteria. Although site selection is not manual, networks use algorithms to match ads with relevant audiences based on browsing behavior, demographics, and interests. Advertisers can monitor performance through the network’s reporting tools and refine targeting or creatives based on real-time insights.

Good to know about RON

While RON offers broad exposure and cost efficiency, advertisers should be aware of its limitations and potential pitfalls. One risk is lack of precise targeting, which can result in wasted impressions on less relevant audiences, reducing ROI. To mitigate this, advertisers can set exclusions for specific websites or categories, thus avoiding brand safety concerns or low-performing placements. Another consideration is creative fatigue, where repeated exposure to the same creative across multiple sites may lead to audience burnout. Regularly updating ad creatives can keep the campaign fresh and engaging.