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June 2019 Update on Statistics And Seasonality Trends

june seasonality trends, statistics

We are starting a new series in which we will share our results and experience every month. It is not the figures themselves that are important here, but what they show, what we can deduce from them. What is important, we know how difficult business activities are in the context of seasonality, so we want to suggest some tips for activities that, in our opinion, can bring interesting results.

So, let’s start our first update on June 2019!

June is the beginning of summer vacation, a very seasonal time, when some companies gain new clients and others have more free runs. Therefore, we will take a closer look at June seasonality trends as well.


June 2019 Statistics Update


Traffic And Users

In June, we managed to generate 829,554 organic sessions for our clients and gain 436,702 users in this way.


Bounce Rate

The average bounce rate is 23.84%. But we managed to reduce the rate from 0.56% in May to 0.44% for one of our clients in June.


Avg. Session Duration

In June the average time of users on our clients’ websites was 4:20 minutes. We are particularly pleased with the result of one of our clients, who recorded one of the longest user sessions, amounting to 13:52 minutes!


Pages per Session

5.80 – this was the average number of pages displayed during one user session among all our clients. Our client’s e-commerce website turned out to be a record-breaker, with 10.57 pages of the average number of pages during one session in June!


June Seasonality Trends

June is the beginning of summer vacation for many people, which means rest and relaxation. This affects the behavior of online users, which is clearly visible when looking at search trends in various industries.


Trends Now

Below you will find some examples of June seasonality trends for the United States.

june seasonality trends, scuba certification

june seasonality trends, bike shopsjune seasonality trends, school supplies

If you run a bike shop, a diving school or a school supplies store and are well prepared for the season in terms of SEO, you should now record above-average organic traffic, which will last until the end of August. After this time the decline in traffic will be a natural trend.


Pro Tips For Vacation Businesses

  1. Use this period to improve the user experience on your website. Check out how users convert when they enter your site. If you notice a high rejection rate or a low conversion rate, take a look at the site’s UX, see if the elements on the site load quickly and if it contains all the necessary information.
  2. Provide added value for users visiting your site, for example in the form of instructional videos, a series of guide articles on your blog, short term discount codes, etc.


Upcoming Trends

If you run an e-commerce, bookshop or culinary service, prepare now for September, which shows increased interest in fall topics. See the examples below!

june seasonality trends, school bookjune seasonality trends, books

june seasonality trends, fall shoes

june seasonality trends, pepper

Pro Tips For Your Business

This is the last chance to optimize your service in terms of fall phrases. Take advantage of this time and don’t let yourself be surprised. You can follow our tips.

  1. Check whether the individual landings have content that includes key phrases, both the popular and the longer ones, or questions that may generate more traffic in the fall. For example: “pepper recipes”, “pepper recipes to warm yourself”, “best pepper recipes this fall”, “what are the best pepper recipes”.
  2. Make sure that your fall landings have properly prepared internal linking and that the content within your service is connected to each other.
  3. Consider preparing additional content on the site from which you will link to the fall offers.
  4. Strengthen your fall offer with external links from strong, fall-related domains.
  5. Prepare landings for the non-standard keywords related to the holidays which are in the fall. This can be a big recognizable holiday like “Halloween” (10/31), but also less significant, which generates more traffic on a specific day, like “International Programmers’ Day” (9/13) or “World Car Free Day” (9/22). Look for such opportunities to promote your industry and products.

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As Insightland we have been operating on the market for a relatively short time and we are gradually building a portfolio of our clients, so I hope you will find our results interesting. We are very happy with them because although they are not impressive, they give us great satisfaction. I also believe that you will find our tips useful in the near future. Therefore, that is all for our June 2019 update! If you have any suggestions or ideas for using seasonality in SEO activities, please let us know in your comment!

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