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Update on Statistics and September 2019 Seasonality Trends

September 2019 Update on Statistics And Seasonality Trends

How You Can Improve Your Search Ranks.

Let’s take a look at another part of our September statistics update and seasonality trends 2019! Apart from the stats, I would like to share our insights and tips on optimizing your website. As you know SEO effects are fluent, because there are always various factors that can influence them, like the BERT update. For this reason, we always need to keep an eye on what is going on in our industry, on search engines we are ranking on, and constantly work to achieve better results. Therefore, let’s take a look at what you can do to optimize your website and rank higher!

Below you will find our September statistics and seasonality trends 2019!

September 2019 Statistics Update

Traffic and Users

September ended with much better results than August. Back to school and the change of season influenced the purchasing decisions of ecommerce customers and, as we can see in the statistics, increased the sale of products related to the fall wardrobe or school accessories and supplies.

Organic traffic on our clients’ websites amounted to 1,265,807 visits, which gave over 28% more than in August. The number of users who visited those websites were 583,965 – this is over 22% more than the previous month.

Bounce Rate

In September the average bounce rate for our clients’ websites reached 21.59% – that means 2% lower than in August. Another good statistic! We also noticed a higher bounce rate for garden and tourist categories which is a natural seasonal trend.

Avg. Session Duration

In September user explored our clients’ websites for an average of 4:02 minutes. This is around 4 minutes shorter than in August. A satisfying result is, however, that each of our clients’ websites has an average session duration time of over 2 minutes.

Pages per Session

When it comes to the number of pages that users review during the session, in September it was 4.58, on average, 1 page less than in August. One of our client’s ecommerce website is still the record holder, where users browse 10 pages per session, on average.

Trends Now

In October, similarly to September, search engines cover health topics like tips and advice for how to cure a common cold or the flu. In most countries in the northern hemisphere, the weather is cold, and that is why clothing ecommerce should notice increased traffic and sales. Moreover, in the United States, we are getting ready for Thanksgiving, so websites that provide special recipes and decoration guides for this holiday can win a lot of new visitors. You can see now how many seasonality trends 2019 you can include in your content strategy!

cold remedies

homemade remedies for cold

home remedies for cold

how to get better faster

winter accesories

thanksgiving recipes

thanksgiving decorations

Pro Tips for the Fall Season

As you can see there are many different seasonality trends you can introduce to your SEO actions. I highly recommend you to:

  1. Include seasonal key phrases into your content, optimize your website with it, and do not forget about images and videos – use keywords in ALT texts of any additional media on your website.
  2. Try to help users with your content – answer the most frequently asked questions for example about cold remedies or by providing a guide on how to prepare the best Thanksgiving dinner or how to dress trendy and warm during the winter. Interesting content that answers users’ questions is able to engage them best and drive extra traffic to your website.
  3. If you can, try to interest media and bloggers with your content to get valuable, external links to your website. Seek fashion blogs in order to promote your winter collection or collaborate with lifestyle parenting bloggers who can help you promote your Thanksgiving recipes on your website. Be creative and do not be afraid to test new solutions!

Upcoming Trends

Winter is coming! 😉 Therefore, users are getting ready for the colder months and will look for winter clothing and accessories. Online stores that offer winter collection will surely see increased traffic to their websites. Moreover, we are starting to think about planning for Christmas. Users will start to look for special Christmas decorations and ways of decorating their homes. Therefore, websites offering such tips should optimize their content with proper keywords.

winter coats

winter shoes

winter jackets

winter home decor

christmas home decor

christmas decorations

Pro Tips For Your Business

  1. Make sure you are ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday which will take place in 1 month. This is the last moment to prepare your website and your customers for it. Perform internal linking to strengthen your Black Friday offer. Try to get several external backlinks from domains, blogs, media with relevant topics. If you want to be sure you are ready for it, read our SEO guidelines for your business in Q4!
  2. Prepare a special offer for Movember, which is an annual event involving the growing of a mustache during Movember. Its purpose is to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and male suicide. In my opinion, brands can get involved in this fine campaign and get higher ranks. You can also create special offers just before Black Friday for example for World Hello Day (November 21, 2019) to gather more users to your website just before the mega shopping weekend between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  3. Do not neglect intense preparations for your Xmas activities. Continue publishing proper content optimized with key phrases like “Christmas gift guide” or “Christmas gifts for her/him”. Moreover, keep all Christmas keywords in your tracking tool. Then analyze what’s going on to react promptly if and when your website doesn’t achieve a good ranking. And do not forget about the proper internal linking of new subpages – make sure that all the new URLs are indexed.

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