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PR And SEO Cooperation – Working Together and Achieving a Common Goal

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The times when traditional PR was the essence of your efforts are long gone. Traditional PR does not work anymore. Therefore, we need to seek new solutions to promote our brand. At present, in the digital era, modern PR has control over the message it sends out, it is able to reach the audience directly and shows that investment in PR will pay off. For this reason, I would like to devote this article to PR and SEO working together. How can you do it and benefit from PR and SEO cooperation? Find out!

Inbound PR – as a Solution

As I was searching for the right solution to promote the brands effectively, I came across inbound PR. It combines PR, content marketing and SEO. It is derived from inbound marketing, however, unlike it, it primarily tries to tell the full story of the brand so that potential audience knows its unique values. You can say that inbound PR combines the best of both worlds – PR’s core strength in content and writing and inbound marketing’s ability to plan with numbers in mind and measure the effects. With this concept, you can continue to focus on content, but also manage to alleviate the challenge of distributing and measuring (proving) the results.

Inbound PR also allows for a more effective measurement of activities using web analytics and the business results of the company. As a result, it enables the intelligent budgeting of funds and the necessary work input. According to the assumptions of inbound PR, the brands that not only create valuable content but also manage it, win. By management, I mean not only planning, publishing according to the schedule, content optimization but above all distribution. Distribution is the key here. It should be important for you to get your content at the right time for your users.

If you want to deepen your knowledge of inbound PR, check out the book written by Iliyana Stareva.

PR and SEO Working Together – What Can I Expect?

As inbound PR combines SEO activities, in theory, you are probably thinking what this looks like in practice. Every PR activity should bear SEO aspects and the like in mind. Only when combining these two can you make an impact and improve your brand’s visibility, rank higher and engage your users. Let’s see some of the ways PR and SEO work together, so you can introduce them to your marketing strategy.

Keyword Research Is Key for PR Activities

If you want to conduct effective PR campaigns, you need to take search engine algorithms into account and optimize every piece of content according to their needs, SEO-wise. Make sure that not only your website is well-optimized, but take advantage of your colleagues from the SEO team’s work and use the keywords they recommend you to incorporate into your activities. This way you not only make them happier but your work can be more effective as you will be able to see the effects in the search engine’s ranks.

Proper use of targeted keywords allows you to increase your brand’s visibility in accordance with wide associations. Let’s say you work for a footwear company. If you optimize your content with keywords like “red heels”, “most comfortable red heels”, etc., you will be able to increase the reach of your content and widen your target audience thanks to higher ranks in search engines. Don’t miss that opportunity and incorporate the wisdom of SEO into your PR campaigns. 😉

Create Up to Date Content or Update It on a Regular Basis

You probably know that Google and other search engines prefer content that is up to date, which provides news, recent data or updates on the issue. You can create many pieces of content that are fresh or create one article that you update every now and then. That way you can rank for particular keywords, but also interest users and media who seek current information. This is also an opportunity for media to use your content as a source for recent data, therefore the back-link to your website. PR as the content is happy, and so is SEO, and they are working together!

Show Your Expertise, Show Your Data

At present, we can find practically everything on the internet but we are still lacking in finding valuable data. People and businesses are still afraid to share it. I highly recommend you not be afraid and share it, even if the data is not spectacular, you are building your authenticity, and therefore expertise. You are showing that you are developing, thinking, making insights and going forward with your business or anything else. That is how PR can help you create interesting content that showcases data in the right scope.

If you manage to create something engaging, that truly interests your audience, your industry, you can win not only engagement with your content but also back-links. A great piece of content can present you as an expert in a particular branch and spark the interest of media that writes about similar topics. They can ask you for an expert’s opinion as a result and link to your website or article on the specific matter. This is how you make your SEO experts smile, especially if you can interest media with a high authority domain and receive a dofollow link.

Take a look at our example of such an activity.

pr and seo working together - blog

As you can see above we not only showcased the company and our Co-Founder as an expert but also got a dofollow link to our website. A win-win situation!

Take Advantage of PR Opportunities to Skyrocket Your SEO

When you are an established expert or newbie in the market, do not neglect media. Look for PR opportunities if they do not come to you by themselves. There are many ways to do this, but that is another subject we can explore. Just do not be shy, reach out, be creative, create your own ideas that media can be interested in, and do not give up – this is always hard at the beginning. And when you get the PR opportunity for your brand, bear some SEO tips in mind:

  1. When you are creating an expert opinion on a subject, make sure to use a keyword that interests you the most, that you want to rank higher in the search engine.
  2. Create text that is meaningful for users, that delivers value, unique insights that can be helpful or new to them. Engage users, make sure that your copywriting is understandable for everyone, do not show off with too many industry expressions or difficult words.
  3. Make sure that apart from the expert’s name, the name of your company, there will be a valuable link to your company page or a blog post on a similar subject on your website. If you can get a dofollow link, that’s awesome!

As a result, you can establish fine cooperation between PR and SEO working together and get better results at both!

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PR and SEO – a Relationship You Want to Maintain Your Entire Life

All in all, PR and SEO can be working together and their cooperation should be tight. One cannot work well without the other, and you should always remember this. Do your keyword research, use it in your PR team and strengthen the cooperation. SEO experts can learn a lot from PR executives and vice versa! Don’t be afraid to try new things and reach for better opportunities so your brand thrives!