25.02.2020 r. Irena Zobniow

Changes from Google that every SEO expert and business owner need to know

SEO is all about being up to date. As we search for important information and news each day, why not share it with you? Guided by this thought, we’re starting uploading posts where we’ll briefly describe our findings on search engines and positioning of websites. Along with this, you’ll get comments from us, SEO specialists, who will explain what this means for the visibility of businesses online.

New Google Local SERP in Europe

Google introduced SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) branded directory buttons for Local Businesses that appear above Google maps where results are displayed. It’s already available in many European countries.

How does it look in search results? 

Below you can see an example from Search Engine Land of the alternate sources that respond to the same user’s query. The change consists of Google introducing more visible directories showing branded links connected with the specific search.

Image: https://searchengineland.com/new-local-serp-live-in-europe-329553

How are the brands selected to appear in directories?

It’s assumed that the brands displayed are selected by an algorithm. In the example shown by Search Engine Land, local searches such as “Dentist, London” show a carousel of various alternative businesses. It is certain that branded directories are not part of the paid Google search results. 

Google gives here the opportunity to be more visible to businesses that are not gaining outstanding traffic from its search engine. To make further assumption, we have to wait until the functionality is available throughout the whole of Europe.

– Marcin Gaworski, SEO Expert Insightland

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