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Update on Statistics from December 2019 and 2020 Seasonality Trends

Update on Statistics from December 2019 and 2020 Seasonality Trends

Let’s take a look at our monthly statistics update from December and 2020 seasonality trends! Besides the stats, I’m going to share our insights and recommendations for content optimization. As you already know, SEO entails constant optimization. That’s why I’ll give you several tips you can introduce into your SEO plan for 2020! Let’s take a look at what steps you can take to optimize your website and rank higher!

December 2019 Statistics

Traffic And Users

Because of the holiday shopping season, December’s organic traffic steadily increased until the third week of the month. This was mainly due to our ecommerce clients. As for corporate and fintech industries, the traffic increase wasn’t that noticeable.

In the second half of the month, the traffic decreased because of natural consumer behavior. As a result, in December we had an 11% lower organic traffic than in November. We could observe a similar tendency in the case of the number of users – it was 10% lower when compared to November.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate we had in December was 3% lower than in the previous month, which may suggest that ecommerce clients have made purchase decisions earlier. As you can guess, the lowest bounce rate was in the case of Christmas content: recipes, decorations, and presents.

Avg. Session Duration

The average session duration in December increased by around 8%. Most probably, it was because users searched for Christmas presents and read product descriptions more carefully, and therefore spent more time on ecommerce websites.

Pages per Session

In December 2019, our client’s websites showed that the number of pages viewed in a session increased by about 11%. In this case, we can also conclude that this was thanks to users who searched for presents and thereby visited more product pages to find the perfect Christmas gift.

Current Trends 

From the perspective of sales, January and February are very important months for ecommerce due to New Year’s resolutions, plans, and holidays. People look for sports equipment and other tips to keep their fitness and health-related resolutions. Moreover, users look for gifts for their loved ones for Valentine’s Day. So ecommerce websites can notice peaks in the sales of jewelry, flowers, sweets, and other gifts. These are strong seasonality trends for the beginning of 2020!

Valentine’s Day (search volume: 6 100 000)

valentines day statistics search seasonal trends

Valentine’s Day gifts for her (search volume: 823 000)

valentines day gifts for her

Valentines flowers (search volume: 110 000)

valentines flowers seasonality trends 2020

Valentine day date (search volume: 33 100)

Valentine day date, Valentines search volume, seasonality trends 2020

How to lose weight? (search volume: 177 000)

How to lose weight? search volume

Nutritionist near me (search volume: 44 200)

Nutritionist near me, search volume

Running shoes (search volume: 187 000)

running shoes search volume

Yoga pants (search volume: 148 000)

yoga pants, seasonality trends 2020

Workout plan (search volume: 49 900)

workout plan search volume, seasonality trends 2020

What Are the Pro Tips for the Beginning of 2020?

  1. Create Valentine’s Day guides for your potential customers with inspiring gift ideas for women and men dishes, drinks, decorations. Help them celebrate this holiday. Provide advice on how to spend the best Valentine’s Day. Remember to include conversational key phrases and questions in your content.
  2. Think of your product offer in the context of Valentine’s Day. Prepare special product categories for your online store with ‘gifts for her’, ‘gifts for him’, etc. Optimize descriptions and metadata to attract users’ attention. Prepare unique product descriptions and optimize them with seasonal keywords, like “best Valentine’s Day gift”, “best gift for your Valentine”, etc.
  3. Create a special offer or product category with sports footwear and clothing or dietary products. For example, if you offer low-sugar products or healthy snacks, create a special product category for them and optimize its description and metadata with key phrases, like “Healthy snacks”, “How to lose weight”, etc.

What Are the Upcoming Trends? Spring 2020 Seasonality Trends

Ecommerce owners should be prepared for the upcoming Spring 2020 seasonality trends. Online shops that offer springtime products may already attract the interest of consumers and increase sales. Websites with Spring clothes, footwear, and accessories may notice the first traffic peaks due to the upcoming February fashion weeks. Those who are waiting for Spring may be researching seasonal activities and the best food to eat. Furthermore, those who are interested in gardening are starting to think of the flowers, fruits, and vegetables they’re going to plant this year and of the gardening equipment, they’re going to need. Moreover, people are starting to plan summer holidays during wintertime to find the best travel deals.

Spring fashion trends (search volume: 2 900)

Spring fashion trends, search volume, seasonality trends

Spring fashion (search volume: 9 900)

spring fashion, search seasonality trends 2020

Spring vegetables (search volume: 12 100)

spring vegetables, search volume

Spring activities (search volume: 8 100)

Spring activities, search volume, seasonality trends

Gardening gloves (search volume: 7 000)

Gardening gloves search volume

Perennial plants (search volume: 110 000)

Perennial plants search volume

Where to go on vacation (search volume: 335 000)

Where to go on vacation search volume

Best vacation spots (search volume: 20 400)

Best vacation spots volume search

What are the best Pro Tips for Your Business for Spring 2020?

  1. Optimize your content with popular key phrases that are relevant to your business. Do you offer fashionable clothes online? Optimize your content with keywords, like “spring fashion”, “fashion clothes”, etc. You can also create a Spring 2020 trends guide for your users. In this way, you will not only rank higher but also gain the attention of fashionistas!
  2. Help your potential clients celebrate Spring – offer them advice on the best activities, festivals, and events. And don’t forget to optimize your content with relevant key phrases.
  3. If you offer any gardening equipment, seeds, or plants, you can start thinking about updating your product offer. Take care of your content, optimize it with seasonal keywords, and make sure that your product categories and product descriptions are as detailed as they can be so that first-time gardeners could find what they need. You can also create, for instance, a Gardening for Beginners Guide with the easiest plants to grow on balconies and windowsills.

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Is constant optimization the answer? 

I hope that my monthly updates can help you understand how planning and following seasonality trends can bring you great results. It always requires some work, but I believe it’s worth it if done properly. If you have any questions about 2020 seasonality or Spring trends or want to share other tips, let me know!