18.03.2020 r. Irena Zobniow

Update on Spring 2020 Seasonality Trends

This month, I would like to share with you seasonal trends related to the upcoming season – spring. That includes showing you keywords that rise during this part of the year. In addition, I’m going to give you pro tips on how to optimize the content based on those trends. With a few steps, you can increase the website’s visibility in organic search results and let your e-commerce rank higher! 

When it comes to online search trends, the most popular phrases in March are those related to the transition of winter into spring. This is most significant for the e-commerce industry, especially in the clothing and footwear category which cannot complain about the lack of customers and sales this month. What stands out especially when it comes to seasonal trends in March is certainly the International Women’s Day which every year enjoys great popularity, and this trend is effectively used by stores offering products that are perfect for a gift on this occasion, as well as the catering & hospitality industry which encourages people to choose their services on the occasion of this special day.

Let’s check Seasonal Trends in Numbers:

Spring clothes  (search volume: 18 100)

Spring shoes  (search volume: 22 200)

Spring dresses (search volume: 110 000)

Spring jackets (search volume: 49 500)

International Women’s Day (search volume:49 500)

What Are the Upcoming Trends? Spring 2020 Seasonality Trends

In many regions of the world, where the change of seasons brings notable changes in the weather, which is accompanied by the awakening of nature, people shake off winter lethargy and begin to plan their first garden chores. Among the upcoming online trends, it is impossible to overlook one of the two largest holidays of the year – Easter which this year falls on April 12. 

The leading phrases are those related to recipes and decorations. This is why cooking websites, blogs, guides, DIY, as well as online stores offering Easter decorations will experience increased interest.

Garden ideas (search volume: 33 100)

Garden plants (search volume: 33 100)

Growing vegetables (search volume: 3 600)

Easter (search volume: 2 200 000)

Easter recipes (search volume: 74 000)

Easter baskets (search volume: 301 000)

Easter decoration (search volume: 110 000)

What Are the Pro Tips for the Spring Season 2020?

  1. The e-commerce industry has to be well prepared for the increased interest in products related to the change of the season. We recommend that you carefully look at the optimization of the content of individual product categories and supplement the content with phrases related to spring e.g. “spring shoes”, “spring dresses” etc.
  2. The changing of the season is the perfect time to use the blog as a source of building organic traffic. We encourage you to create guide books that relate to current fashion trends. Blog articles should include “question keywords” such as, “What’s in fashion spring 2020?”, “How to design a garden?” etc.
  3. If you run an e-commerce website, make sure you have proper internal linking between spring categories. It is worth using modules such as “You may also be interested in […]”, from where we can derive links to similar categories or categories. Articles on your blog are also a great source of links, so don’t forget to add relevant links to the categories to which their content refers.
  4. Have you heard of Google’s announcement regarding Mobile-First Indexing? That is a big thing. So if your website is not adapted to mobile, take care of its mobile version in the nearest future. For example, make sure that the content is displayed the same on both desktop and mobile versions. 
  5. Track current changes in Google’s algorithm and work on ongoing adaptation of your website to the guidelines.

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