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Why Is It Worth Hiring an SEO Agency?

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Advantages of External SEO Support that You Didn’t Expect.

Having an experienced SEO specialist in your team who will take care of your website in terms of its technical compatibility with Google or other search engines, and at the same time engaging in off-site SEO activities can be a big benefit. In many cases, however, such a solution may be insufficient. A specialist employed in the company will simply not be able to implement a multi-layered strategy and a large number of activities, and at the same time have knowledge of analytics, coding or copywriting. You can read about in which situations and why it is worth hiring an SEO agency below.

Who Can Benefit from Hiring SEO Agency

Firstly, let us consider who may need an external partner if there is no trusted internal SEO specialist or as their support. This is, first and foremost, a solution for companies and entrepreneurs who expect:

  • comprehensive and scalable support,
  • minimum own contribution of time to the activities,
  • an objective assessment of the situation by someone outside the company,
  • full responsibility for the implementation of the SEO strategy.

An external SEO agency will, therefore, be an ideal support for e-commerce, which often operates within several domains, and for companies at the international level, seeking SEO support in many markets. It can also be used by marketplaces, the development of which we are currently witnessing. Services with high competition in many markets require a lot of attention and SEO activities. However, internal SEO departments often fail to cope with due to limited resources.

An external SEO agency can also be a great solution for companies that go to a specific market with their services and need support. They have a service on X markets, but the new one is completely different for them and their internal SEO department does not have a lot of knowledge about it. For example, when entering the Czech market, a company operating in the UK and ES may not be familiar with the specifics of Seznam. But seeing a huge potential there, it wants to try. The situation may be similar in the case of companies expanding their operations to Western markets and coming from Russia. They are familiar with Yandex. But are not always able to optimize their website to the specifics of the Google search engine. That’s when hiring an SEO agency is a smart solution.

Benefits for an In-house Specialist in Cooperation With an SEO Agency

Should an internal SEO specialist be afraid of an external agency? – I have heard this question many times. And every time I have said that there is no such threat. An SEO in-house specialist can assign most of their tasks to an agency, e.g. time-consuming link building, and breathing. They have the opportunity to focus on the area in which they feel best. As a result, they can develop a comprehensive SEO strategy with external support, without worrying about internal resources, tools or less experience in a selected area. In addition, together with the agency, they can exchange insights, experiences so that both parties can benefit.

An external SEO partner can also be a solution in a situation in which the creation of a new position in the company’s structure may be problematic. It may be due to the inconvenient location of the company’s headquarters or other disadvantageous conditions. It is also worth noting that the external agency provides full SEO service using proven techniques that operate in similar industries and based on current search engine guidelines, which are constantly followed and implemented by all its customers.

What an Agency Can Do, What One Specialist Can’t Do

An SEO specialist will send an agency where they can’t go alone. 😉

Although an in-house SEO specialist can be eminent support for the SEO activities of the company they work for, an external partner can be much more effective thanks to several important factors.

SEO Tools Arsenal

An SEO agency works with many paid, professional tools. The purchase of them it treats as an investment in all its customers. In the case of an internal SEO specialist, the cost of the individual tools would be charged to the employer. Here are some examples of the costs of monthly subscriptions of basic tools necessary for SEO activities, such as:

That’s about $317 a month!

Specializations And Resources of an SEO Agency

A professional SEO agency has many competencies in its team. Thanks to which it is able to provide its customers with comprehensive services in the field of link building, copywriting, SEO technical support, analytics, UX, web design, and many others. An SEO specialist may not only not have all these competencies, but also not be physically able to perform activities in several areas at the same time.

SEO Experts’ Experience

This is undoubtedly one of the most important advantages of hiring an SEO agency. The extensive experience of all team members working with different customers, industries, and markets allows external SEO partners to develop their own know-how and strategies that have worked with competitors, for example. An SEO specialist may not have extensive experience at their disposal. Therefore they may not have an online reference to the competition in the industry. In addition, agencies are often more up to date with search engines’ changes and updates to algorithms. SEO specialists often turn their backs on current activities and do not observe changes in the environment of the company they work for.

Focus on Activities

An external partner will delegate a team for you, which will be responsible for particular activities. As a result, each of its members focuses on their own piece of work without distracting themselves from other tasks. SEO agency employees are not exposed to in-house distractions. In addition, all activities are supervised by a project manager who coordinates the work according to a set schedule. In the case of an internal SEO specialist, they have to carry out all the work. They are responsible for every element of the work. But usually, they do not have the support of another person with appropriate competences.

Full Availability

For an external partner, whether there is a holiday or vacation season in a given month is irrelevant. The declared scope of work must be fulfilled. An SEO agency always tries to be a support for the customer. Especially, in situations in which the speed of action is important. An SEO specialist employed internally full-time, from the legal point of view, is not obliged to work above the standard or during the weekend. They are also entitled to holidays and the right to sick leave, which, of course, is normal. In such cases, however, it is the employer who must take care of the substitute and ensure continuity of work. Otherwise, the work will be suspended during the employee’s absence. And it can often have a negative impact on the volume and quality of the organic movement, and thus on the organization’s income.

Easier Scalability of Activities

This is another important advantage of hiring an SEO agency. The possibility to enlarge the team and the provided services depending on the number of customers and their needs results in the fact that the partner in the form of an external agency will be able to provide full SEO services in the extended scope. For example, by including new domains or new markets. With work based on internal resources, scaling up activities takes longer. Therefore, it is not always as effective as with external support.

External Imperative to Act

An internal SEO specialist often has difficulty in prioritizing their SEO needs in the company’s IT department. This is when the SEO agency comes in to help. When, as an external expert, they recommend certain changes, the implementation of which is crucial for correct indexing and increasing the volume of valuable organic traffic, they often have a greater impact on the activities within the organization with which they cooperate. I have seen similar cases many times.

The agency increases its effectiveness through the fact that it clearly communicates what estimations can be expected from the introduced changes and how much the client can lose without specific implementations. And since the company pays them, it would be a shame to lose the potential of organic traffic that the agency could prove. That is why such a partnership between an agency and an internal SEO expert is often more effective.

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Distance And a Fresh Perspective

Often, when we look at the same place every day, we stop noticing certain things, because they have always been there. An SEO agency, which takes up cooperation with the company, has a fresh look at all its activities. Therefore, they may notice something that people inside the organization couldn’t see, “because they looked too closely at it”. Distance and a fresh approach to activities can bring results that companies often did not expect. Minor optimization that has not been noticed so far can bring valuable organic traffic, increasing the revenue of the company in an unexpected way.

SEO Agency – Valuable Business Partner

As you can see, hiring an SEO agency can bring many benefits to a company. Not only because of the very fact of conducting SEO activities but also because of many business-related aspects. Distance, an exchange of experiences, independence in action are only some of the factors that can positively influence a company’s revenue. It is worth remembering this when choosing an SEO partner for cooperationthe more interesting the portfolio, the more insights the agency can share.