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Best SEO Tips For Your Business in Q4 2019

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We have the last, most lucrative quarter of the year ahead of us. For online marketers, store or website owners, this means more work to achieve pre-determined annual KPIs. For many of us, this will also be an opportunity to take advantage of upcoming opportunities, holidays and events to increase profits from their online activities and, in particular, from free organic channels. I will tell you today in a short guide on how to achieve this. Check out the best SEO tips for your business in Q4 2019!


Industries with High Potential in Q4

Firstly, it is worth considering which industries are gaining the most in the last quarter of the year. It is these industries that will compete the most for the user, competing for the best in terms of budgets and implemented ideas. Therefore, considering the opportunities ahead, the greatest potential in organic results will be as follows:



  • Costume shops and rentals
  • Culinary websites
  • DIY websites



  • Ecommerce:
  • Stores with electronics, small household appliances, smartphones
  • Clothing stores
  • Jewelry stores
  • Gift stores
  • Culinary websites
  • DIY websites
  • Lifestyle websites providing advice


New Year’s Eve

  • Ecommerce: New Year’s Eve fashion
  • Culinary and drink preparation websites
  • Events
  • Trips


Autumn/Winter Season

  • Clothing and footwear stores
  • Pharmacies, dietary supplement stores
  • Travel agencies (winter holidays, winter breaks)


Of course, we cannot forget about two crucial occasions: Black Friday (November 29 this year) and Cyber Monday (December 2 this year). Those two days are a great sales opportunity for all of ecommerce and are part of communication even at companies that do not offer products but rather services or knowledge. In a nutshell, Black Friday and Cyber Monday can give measurable profits for all online businesses, both ecommerce, service companies, and blogs or entertainment websites as well.


Seasonality Overview

We already know which industries and businesses can gain the most in the last quarter. Experienced marketers can ideally prepare for the season and plan individual campaigns and communication in advance. If we want to profit from the organic movement, all the preparations should be started in advance. October is the last moment to optimize the website from the technical, content and external actions point of view. If you don’t have an action plan for Q4 yet, below you will find some SEO tips that may be useful for your business. Now on to the details!



An analysis of the keywords associated with this day shows that users are most often interested in costumes, both for children and adults. They are looking not only for shops offering such costumes but also for inspiration to make such costumes on their own. For most Halloween lovers, decorations that complement the whole are also important, as well as snacks straight out of a horror movie. Here is a proposal of keywords that should be taken into account in the optimization of a store, website or blog (the average monthly number of searches just for October 2018 is given next to the phrase):

Popular keywords:

  • Halloween costumes – 5,000,000
  • Halloween store – 366,700
  • Halloween stores near me –  822,200
  • Halloween decorations –  201,100
  • Halloween costume ideas –  200,400
  • easy Halloween costumes –  823,000
  • adult Halloween costumes –  550,000
  • couples Halloween costumes –  547,100
  • Halloween costumes for girls –  368,600
  • baby Halloween costumes –  246,300
  • funny Halloween costumes –  368,200
  • cheap Halloween costumes –  201,000
  • Halloween party –  110,300
  • Halloween outdoor decorations – 73,200
  • Halloween decoration ideas – 40,500.

Do not forget about conversational and question keywords, so your website can have a chance to rank higher in search engines, especially for queries used more often using voice search.

Question keywords:

  • where to buy Halloween costumes – 12,100
  • where to get Halloween costume – 3,600
  • what Halloween costume should I wear – 1,600
  • where to buy Halloween decorations – 1,600
  • how to make Halloween costumes for dogs – 320
  • how to make Halloween food – 170.

halloween search volume

Best SEO Optimization Tips for Halloween

Below you will find the best SEO tips for your business for Halloween.


For Ecommerce

If you are offering Halloween-related stuff in your online store, optimize the subpages with the proper keywords. Use Ubersuggest or different keyword research tools to find more accurate key phrases. You can also search for keywords that do not contain “Halloween”, but the ones that may be related to the occasion, for example, “skeleton costumes”, “ghost costume”, “spider web decoration”. Put them in your website’s metadata, product description and, if possible, link to them from the main page to strengthen their SEO power. After Halloween passes you can remove links from the main page. Remember, that even if you do not offer “Halloween” related products, you can always use this occasion to create a special seasonal sale.


For Culinary Websites

Prepare recipes dedicated to the occasion, like scary food with fake spiders or spiderweb-like decorations. Then create a special category like “Halloween recipes” and put it in the main menu. You cannot go wrong with a bloody Mary, but do not be afraid to experiment a bit.


For DIY Websites and Blogs

Write a series of articles about Halloween decorations and costumes with images, step by step instructions or a tutorial video. Remember to use proper keywords related to the occasion. If you want to rank high for DIY Halloween costumes, you should use them with adjectives like “funny”, “scary”, “simple”, “original”, “cool” and so on.


Pro tip: Add “2019”  to the metadata or to a heading on the particular subpages you are optimizing for Halloween. As a result, the search engines can rank your content a bit higher as it is up to date and we all know that this has a positive impact on its algorithms.


Black Friday /  Cyber Monday

There’s no better moment in the entire year for shopping than these two occasions: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That means huge sales and income in an ecommerce business. Below you can see how popular Black Friday and Cyber Monday are in terms of organic searches.

Popular keywords:

  • Black Friday – 2,200,000
  • Black Friday deals – 2,000,000
  • Cyber Monday – 1,500,000
  • best Cyber Monday deals – 1,500,000
  • Cyber Monday sales – 1,500,000
  • Black Friday sales – 673,000
  • Black Friday laptop deals – 164,000
  • Black Friday phone deals – 88,400
  • Cyber Monday laptop deals – 74,000
  • Black Friday online – 49,500
  • Cyber Monday clothes deals –  40,500
  • Cyber Monday TV sales – 40,500
  • ipad Black Friday – 2,400.


Question keywords:

  • when is Black Friday – 26,700
  • when does Cyber Monday start – 14,800
  • what are Black Friday deals – 1,000
  • where are the best Black Friday sales – 880.

black friday search volume

cyber monday search volume

Best SEO Tips for Black Friday  /  Cyber Monday Optimization for Ecommerce:

  • Prepare dedicated landing pages with a comprehensive description of your offer. Use keywords in the title, subtitles and in the paragraphs. The landing page should be your aggregator of offers or links to categories that have a special promo. Remember to use keywords as an anchor text to the hyperlinks.
  • Take care of optimizing metadata with Black Friday / Cyber Monday keywords. It appears in the search results so you can improve your CTR this way.
  • Show off your special offer on the main page. You can link the created landing page from the menu. This way it will be visible in all the subpages and strengthen the landing in terms of SEO.



Some of us might be seriously surprised that the preparations for Christmas begin in September! Quite early, isn’t it? This means a lot of work to do to rank high for “Xmas keywords” and, and at the same time will require a lot of skills and experience from us to outrank the online competition.

It’s also not surprising that the Christmas season is the most important period of the year in terms of sales. People used to spending a lot of money (often much too much…) to prepare the perfect Christmas table and buy the most wanted gifts for their loved ones. If you run an online business, ecommerce, website, blog, you should be ready to start performing an intensive online campaign. Let’s check which keywords should be included in your strategy:

Popular keywords:

  • Christmas cookies – 672,900
  • Christmas music – 672,700
  • Christmas cards – 550,300
  • Christmas gift ideas – 368,200
  • Christmas decorations – 368,000
  • Christmas tree decorations – 246,800
  • Christmas eve – 246,600
  • Christmas presents – 135,200
  • Christmas cake – 73,600
  • Christmas celebration – 33,100
  • Christmas dinner recipes – 27,100
  • Christmas gift boxes – 18,700
  • Xmas movies – 18,100
  • Christmas roast – 12,100
  • handmade Christmas gifts – 12,100
  • handmade Christmas ornaments – 9,900
  • Xmas fun – 1,000
  • Christmas holidays – 5,500.


Question keywords:

  • where to buy Christmas trees near me – 22,200
  • how is Christmas celebrated – 6,600
  • where to buy Christmas decorations – 3,600
  • how to make Christmas decorations – 2,400
  • what to buy gift for Christmas – 328
  • how much is a Christmas tree -268
  • how to buy Christmas gifts for large families – 70.

christmas search volume

Best SEO Tips to Optimize Your Website for Christmas


For Ecommerce

Make an effort to use keywords to optimize your store, subpages, categories, and products. It would be perfect to create new “Christmas” categories like “Christmas gifts” and subcategories ”gifts for girls / boys / children/ mom / dad/ man/ woman” etc. Then you could add them to the main menu and highlight or mark them with Christmas symbols to attract the user’s attention. Do you have a blog within your domain? Don’t hesitate to prepare a Christmas gift guide or DIY Christmas decoration tutorial. You can also write articles that cover the most popular question keywords like “how Christmas is celebrated”, “how to decorate the Christmas tree” or “how much is a Christmas tree” and get new visitors (I mean your potential customers) on your website.


For Culinary Websites

As of now, your recipes should be focused on Christmas food: cookies, cakes, salads, roasts, all of the traditional dishes. If you want to stand out from your competitors you should consider making some local Christmas recipes according to popular keywords like, for example, “Christmas food in Poland”. 🙂


For DIY Websites and Blogs

Looking at the search volume of keywords such as “handmade Christmas gifts” or “handmade Christmas ornaments” it’s obvious that this kind of website should offer a lot of guides, tutorials and step by step articles about making Christmas gifts or decorations. I recommend using question keywords in meta titles for the particular subpages like “how to make a paper decoration for Christmas” (search volume 590). As a result, the user who will be looking at search results will get a clear signal that your website is not a store with decorations, but a place where one can find tips and advice for handmade work.


For Lifestyle Websites and Magazines

In this case, we have a very wide range of possibilities. A Christmas section would be a great option. In addition, you can plan a series of articles around several Christmas categories like “gifts”, “decorations”, “recipes”, “fashion”. Then prepare articles which cover not only those obvious and popular topics like:

  • Christmas while being pregnant,
  • recycled Christmas decoration,
  • Vegan Christmas pudding.

What is more, all of these suggested topics are actually keywords themselves, so you can easily rank high for users who are searching for them this way.


New Year’s Eve

After Christmas fever, it’s time to say goodbye to the year. New Year’s Eve is celebrated all over the world and for online businesses, it’s the last moment to boost sales. Here you have some keywords ideas you can use in your strategy.

Popular keywords:

  • New Years Eve events – 110,000
  • New Years Eve party – 32,900
  • New Years Eve party ideas – 18,000
  • best New Years Eve parties – 4,400
  • New Years Eve decorations – 18,000
  • New Year party near me – 22,200
  • New Years Eve cruises – 4,600
  • New Years Eve food – 49,500
  • New Year’s Eve buffet menu ideas – 14,800
  • New Years Eve dress – 18,100
  • New Years Eve party food ideas – 1,300
  • New Years Eve outfit – 11,100
  • New Years Eve makeup – 797.


Question keywords:

  • what to do on New Year’s Eve – 1,100
  • where to go on New Year’s Eve – 9,900
  • how to do a New Year’s Eve party – 50
  • where to have a New Year’s Eve party – 10.

new year eve

Best SEO Tips for Christmas Optimization

Below you will find the best SEO tips for your business for Christmas.


For Ecommerce

If you sell party outfits, dresses or suits, you will have to promote your offer before Christmas. Keep in mind that the products ordered a few days before New Year’s Eve, may not arrive on time. Moreover, ensure unique content on category and product subpages that contain “New Year’s Eve” keywords. I also encourage you to add “2019” in the titles and texts so that the user will know that the offer, especially the fashion one, is in line with current trends.


For Culinary Websites

As in the previous examples, in this case, the best advice is to prepare a section dedicated to New Year’s Eve. You can prepare food or snack recipes, both in hot and cold versions. Don’t forget about drinks recipes, which probably will be more wanted by users than food.


For Restaurants, Clubs, Bars, and Pubs

If you organize a New Year’s party, you can promote it even a few months before. Prepare a separate landing page with your offer, use popular keywords like “New Year’s Eve party 2019” plus the name of the city. Remember to optimize your Google Business Card which is very important in terms of local searching.


For Travel Agencies

New Year’s Eve cruises and trips are usually promoted from the beginning of 3Q. If you want to boost your promotion and ensure full occupancy of the trip, you can optimize your website with the proper keywords like “last-minute New Year’s Eve trip”, “last-minute new year deals”.


Fall / Winter Season

The last quarter of the year is dominated by fall and winter (in the northern hemisphere) which means that we change our wardrobe and prepare for colder days. It’s also infection season so we should strengthen our immune system. Which keywords are mostly used in search engines in regard to the fall/winter season?

Popular keywords:

  • fall clothes –  18,100
  • fall dresses –  49,500
  • fall fashion –  14,800
  • fall clothes for women – 8,000
  • autumn dresses –  1,300
  • fall clothes kids – 1,600
  • fall wear –  710
  • winter clothes –  8,100
  • winter jackets for women –  73,700
  • winter clothes men –  717
  • men winter coats – 26,600
  • winter fashion men – 9,900
  • winter sports –  8,100
  • winter sports for kids –  1,500
  • winter sports list – 9,900
  • flu symptoms –  1,500,000
  • best cough medicine – 49,500
  • flu medicine – 49,300
  • snowboard shop –  22,100
  • ski shop – 49,400
  • winter vacation – 1,900
  • winter vacation ideas – 8,100.


Question keywords:

  • where to go for winter vacations – 260
  • what are good shoes for winter – 10
  • how to heal flu fast – 210
  • how to relieve flu symptoms – 690.

fall season

Best SEO Tips for Fall/Winter Optimization

Below you will find the best SEO tips for your business for fall/winter season.


For Ecommerce

Optimize your category and product pages with “fall/winter” keywords. If your store has a blog section, prepare a series of articles about current trends. Here are several topic examples. Moreover, note that the topics contain keywords themselves:

Fashion content (clothes, shoes shops)

  • What are good shoes for winter
  • How to dress in winter

Health content (pharmacy, drugstore)

  • How to heal flu fast
  • What are the symptoms of a cold


For Travel Agencies

Unique content describing fall/winter travel destination is a must. You should optimize it with the proper keywords and add “2019” to indicate that this is the current offer. If you have a blog section, you can prepare the articles with travel ideas where you can present your offer. Therefore, here are some topics that might interest the users:

  • Best winter vacations for families
  • December vacation ideas


For Blogs and Lifestyle Websites

These types of websites have a wide range of possibilities when it comes to creating fall/winter content. There are a lot of topics which can cover the seasonal needs of users, like:

  • Best fall recipes
  • Winter soups ideas
  • Home remedies for cold
  • How to clean leather shoes.


A Few Words about Voice Search Optimization

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been recommending question keywords for all occasions. This is not a coincidence. All in all, voice searches are beginning to dominate digital trends and are more and more used by mobile phone users. Therefore you should focus on voice search optimization before your competitors do it. Firstly, consider adding question keywords within your website, especially where your content is a guide. Don’t rely on keywords only with a high search volume, but research for the other ones, which may be used by people. You can use the answearthepublic.com tool to find relevant queries.

If you want to know more about voice search, check out our article on it!

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Useful Online Tools

Now you know how to optimize your website with the best tips for Q4 2019. All that is left is to start researching, planning and implementing your best online strategy. To make your work easier, use the tools below to find more phrases and ideas or check our little guide on keywords research:


Lucrative Q4 2019 with No More Secrets

Now you know what you can do to increase the organic traffic to your website and generate more revenue in Q4 2019. Therefore, select an occasion, or choose all of them and act! You know that you need to research the relevant keywords for your business and optimize your landing pages with them. Think of the ways that can help your potential clients find you and try to meet their needs the best you can. Remember, do not neglect any technical aspects, if your website is not working properly you cannot do much, even with the most interesting content. Last, but not least, do not be afraid to test new solutions, especially for Halloween when you can check what works best and implement it during Black Friday!

If you want to discuss more tips on optimizing your website for Q4, I would be more than happy to discuss it with you!