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The Best SEO Keywords Tracking Tools

seo keywords tracking tools

SEO Tools Guide For Every Expert!

SEO without keywords would be almost nothing, they are simply essential for our work. This is why, apart from SEO keyword research, every SEO specialist needs to track their websites’ ranks for relevant keywords. As a result, they are able to optimize their actions and rank higher and higher in search engines. In today’s article, I would like to present the tools I think can help you track your websites’ rankings and especially the ones I use personally! Let’s dig into the SEO keywords tracking tools!


Keywords Tracking – Why You Should Do It on a Regular Basis

Tracking your key phrases’ positions is important for SEO work. You can detect search trends relevant to your business, notice extra activity from your competitors, reach your target audience, and optimize the website to rank higher. Moreover, it may show you which SEO strategies work and which ones need some improvement. Your page’s rankings for selected keywords can help you with all of that!

Monitoring a wide variety of keywords that describe your business can also show you which keywords convert better, so you can implement them into your content which is not performing well. What is more, it gives you a chance to detect the trending key phrases that are relevant to your website. If you optimize your content with the keywords well, you will increase your visibility in the search engines.

That is why choosing an SEO keyword tracking tool is so important. It may allow you to spend less time on this task and displays results so you do not need to think twice about the next step in order to increase your website’s visibility.


SEO Keywords Tracking Tools I Use Regularly

Let me show you the tools I use daily to track the positions of my clients’ websites. Most of them are not free of charge but in my opinion, the cost is worth it!


SERPWatcher by Mangools

I use this tool daily, as I mentioned in this article. I highly recommend the SERPWatcher by Mangools as it offers you everything you need for keywords tracking. It allows you to track both desktop and mobile results, and in different locations! This feature may be really helpful when you are working on a local SEO strategy for a particular business. I like its interface as it is really intuitive! You can see a Dominance Index on your SERPWatcher dashboard. This is an aggregated metric that signifies your unique share of organic traffic and is based on your current key phrase positions. The index is calculated based on these five factors:

  • Search volumes;
  • Current positions;
  • Tracked keywords;
  • Average CTR for a particular position;
  • Potential value as if you ranked first for all tracked keywords.

For example, if you get around a 50% Dominance Index from the keyword, then it is currently getting about half of the entire organic search traffic. What is more, you can see all the metrics related to the keyphrases you have added to your tracking on the same dashboard. It is that easy! As a result, you are able to see which pages are performing well and with which ones you need to work more.

SERPWatcher by Mangools

In addition, you can use tags to organize all of your keywords and work with them more efficiently. You can download your reports in CSV format. SERPWatcher also provides daily updates about your positions in Google search. What is more, the tool displays the changes in positions, average monthly search volume, estimated traffic, daily rankings, dominance index and ranking distribution charts for any particular keyword. And all of that in one easy to comprehend dashboard!

I think that SERPWatcher is the go-to tool for tracking your keywords and websites and that is why I recommend it so eagerly!


Google Search Console

This tool provided by Google itself is free which distinguishes it from others. I do not know any SEO expert who doesn’t use it as Google Search Console comes from the source – Google – the most common search engine we work with. Moreover, it not only has the inside track on its own data but can also display the results that are not caused by personalized search results. It is really accurate and shows you the actual data can’t very often say about many keyword tracking tools.

What is more, the great advantage of this tool is that it is really easy to connect it with other tools we often use like Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager. As a result, your data is always connected and properly gathered.

You can track your positions in the “Performance” section of this tool. You can see queries, pages, countries, devices, search type, search appearance, and the date in the dashboard. Moreover, you are able to create your own reports in the Google Search Console, which can be a great overview of your website and content performance.

google search console performance



Ahrefs is one of the SEO tools that is an all-in-one. It offers a wide variety of services that SEO specialists can benefit from. Ahrefs is mostly known for its backlink analysis (it has 15 trillion links in its database). Over the years the tool has evolved and it now provides strong keyword analysis and rank tracking features. I use Ahrefs because of the 3 main characteristics:

  • Its UI is very intuitive so understanding rankings data is just easy;
  • SERP overview report is integrated with the Rank Tracker
  • Filters – you can select to see keywords by tags, devices, locations, positions, competitors, etc.

To track keywords use the Rank Tracker feature. You can create projects, where you are able to track a particular website. Moreover, you can input its competitors and keywords you want to analyze. Ahrefs uses this data to monitor the SERPs and send you notifications on how you are doing for specified key phrases. It is really helpful as you can easily figure out what content for what keywords should be updated or improved. Ahrefs provides the information about your position in the SERPs and if it needs improvement, you can go optimize it.

ahrefs dashboard

Ahrefs is not free of charge, however, in my opinion, it is worth the investment for SEO specialists that want to have an excellent tool with many features apart from the keywords tracking. I use it personally and recommend it!



This is a paid tool that is sometimes called “the Swiss army knife of SEO tools”. 😉 It has many tools, similar to Ahrefs. It does not offer only one feature but a wide variety of what SEO experts need in their everyday work. What is great about SEMrush is that it is constantly adding new functionalities and enrolling new updates.

As for keyword tracking, it offers everything you need. When you specify your relevant keyphrases, select the search engine you want to rank in and there you go! You are able to see the positions, they are divided into desktop and mobile ones. SEMrush Rank Tracker gives you the possibility to compare how your website ranks for each keyword compared to up to your 5 competitors. You can easily detect which keywords you need to use for optimizing your content. What is more, you can easily see whether the rank for a particular keyphrase has moved up or down over the monitored period. You are able to see the CPC, which can be useful if you want to target the specific keyword on Google Ads, and the volume – the average number of searches each month. Moreover, you can analyze every key phrase for a specific location as well. See the dashboard below to get an overview of how using SEMrush looks like!

semrush - tracking keywords

SEMrush offers a lot, that’s why it is worth checking out if you look for the SEO keywords tracking tool!

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Unamo is another all-in-one SEO tool designed to provide to SEO specialists actionable insights. Users are able to create various campaigns in which they can monitor entire domains or subdomains. Unamo allows collecting new keyword ranking data on a daily basis. As in other tools, you can track them on mobile devices and desktops, including your competitors’ positions for particular keyphrases. What is more, the tool allows you to track positions in different locations. You can also download all of the keywords you need in the CSV file.

Unamo Search Engine Optimization


To Track What You Need With Ease

As you can see, you have some interesting options for SEO keywords tracking tools, and there are many more than the ones I described. Most of them offer similar features like tracking specific key phrases for your website, as well as your competitors, or differentiate per mobile devices and desktop or per locations. What’s important while selecting the one you will work with every day is the price and UI. You can have a free tool that is really unintuitive and difficult to work with or have an excellent tool for a monthly fee that you will need to calculate into your budget. The decision is yours and I know which one I will choose!

If you want to know more about the best SEO tools, check out this article!