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Update on Statistics in November 2019 and Winter 2020 Seasonality Trends

Update on Statistics in November 2019 and Winter 2020 Seasonality Trends

Let’s take a look at another part of our monthly statistics update and November seasonality trends! Apart from the stats, I would like to share our insights and recommendations on optimizing your content. And as you know SEO is a constant optimization, you will have several tips you can introduce into your SEO plan for 2020! Therefore, let’s take a look at what steps you can take to optimize your website and rank higher! Below you will find our November statistics and winter seasonality trends!

November 2019 Statistics

Traffic And Users

As compared to October, organic traffic in November achieved an over 14% increase for all of our clients, which, to a large extent, was connected with the trends of the month, namely Black Friday, which contributed to a 20% increase in traffic for ecommerce websites alone. Some websites, however, noted smaller traffic when compared to October. And these were mainly websites connected with the construction industry or typical spring-summer tourism. Despite maintaining high positions for popular phrases, seasonality caused the traffic generated in November to be lower.

As far as the number of users is concerned, this one, taking all our clients into account, also turned out to be 9% higher than in October, and here, too, it should not come as a surprise that the greatest increases in the number of users was achieved by ecommerce websites, which were additionally optimized for key phrases related to Black Friday, as well as for the pre-Christmas season, meaning, gift shopping.

Bounce Rate

November ended with a 21% deterioration in the bounce rate.  Analyzing the client groups we see that decreases were recorded by self-help/guide contents. It may be due to the fact that the user who was looking for specific information found it on the given landing pages, so there is no need to further explore the site and left it after reading the given content.  Other websites received a bounce rate very similar to the level in October.

Avg. Session Duration

The higher average duration of the session was noted in November by practically all our clients’ websites.  However, the lower time of website exploration did not affect the worsening of other statistics, so we can assume that it is a result of natural consumer behavior.

Pages per Session

It is worth noting that in November the average number of pages visited during one session increased by 7%.
Thus, taking into account the aforementioned data on the average session duration, it can be assumed that in November consumers were in a greater rush, which may have been caused by the search for Christmas presents or, in the case of Black Friday, a quick search for good deals.

Trends Now

In terms of sales, December is a very important month for ecommerce due to Christmas sales and intensive work in ecommerce. Users are looking for gifts for their loved ones, Christmas recipes, and ideas for Christmas decorations. In the fashion industry, categories related to winter clothing and footwear are becoming popular, as well as New Years’ decorations, food, and clothing. Moreover, people are starting to think about the changes they want to introduce into their lives in 2020, so motivational content and resolutions tips are becoming more and more popular. These are huge winter 2020 seasonality trends!

Christmas decoration (search volume: 1 000 000)

christmas decoration

New Years dress (search volume: 246 000)

new years dress kw

New Years resolutions (search volume: 22 200)

new years resolutions

Motivational quotes (search volume: 670 000)

motivational quotes

Motivational posters (search volume: 12 100)

motivational posters

Snowboard boots (search volume: 90 500)

snowboard boots

What Are the Pro Tips for the Winter Season 2019/2020?

  1. Create New Year’s guides for your potential customers with inspiring ideas for dishes, drinks, decorations. Help them celebrate New Year’s Eve by providing them with tips and useful information.
  2. Help your potential customers keep their resolutions. Create the content on the best ways to preserve their resolutions with actionable tips that your potential audience can use. For example, if you own an online store that sells planners and calendars, create a guide on making lists and motivate yourself to keep your promise.
  3. If you offer products and services that see a higher demand in January due to New Year’s resolutions, create a special offer or product categories so users can find them easily. For example, if you offer posters with motivational quotes, create a product category with motivational posters, optimize its descriptions and metadata with key phrases like “New Year’s Resolution”, “How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2020”, etc.
  4. Make it your New Year’s resolution to optimize your website for voice search. It is worth doing so the content of your website complies with voice search. It is already very popular and mentioned as one of the most important trends in 2020.

What Are the Upcoming Trends? Winter 2020 Seasonality Trends

Ecommerce owners should be prepared for upcoming winter 2020 seasonality trends. Apart from New Year’s parties and resolutions, January is also the time of winter holidays and winter sports. Online shops offering a range of products for skiers and snowboarders may already feel increased interest on the part of the customers and increased sales. Moreover, resorts and hotels near ski lifts should also see an increased number of page views.

What is more, we should soon get ready for another lucrative holiday – Valentine’s Day.

Ski resort (search volume: 301 000)

ski resort

Best place to snowboard (search volume: 1 300)

best place to snowboard

Valentine’s Day (search volume: 6 100 000)

Valentines Day gifts for her (search volume: 135 000)

valentines day gifts for her

What are Pro Tips for Your Business?

  1. Optimize your content with popular key phrases that can be relevant to your business. Do you have a nice bed and breakfast near several ski lifts? Optimize your content with keywords like “ski lift”, “best ski lift”, etc. You can also create a guide for skiers and snowboarders with the best ski routes. That way you can not only rank higher but also gain skiers’ trust!
  2. Start thinking of your offer in the context of Valentine’s Day. Prepare special product categories for your online store with ‘gifts for her’, ‘gifts for him’, etc. Optimize the descriptions and metadata so it drives users’ attention. Prepare unique product descriptions, and optimize them with seasonal keywords like “best Valentine’s Day gift”, “best gift for your Valentine”, etc.
  3. Prepare tips for spending the best Valentine’s Day. Provide a guide for the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her and him. Help your customers to choose and plan something special for their beloved ones. Remember to include conversational key phrases and questions into your content.

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Optimization, Optimization, and Optimization – our New Year’s Resolution!

If you have read my previous monthly updates, you probably know what to do, and how constant content optimization is crucial. You also understand that including seasonality trends into your SEO and content strategy can really pay off! I hope that you also include voice search optimization into your plans for 2020! If you want to share other tips, let me know!